Quy Nhon is a large coastal city in central Vietnam and the economic, political, cultural, scientific, technical, and tourism center of Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. Quy Nhon has many famous tourist attractions such as Long Khanh Pagoda, Son Long Pagoda, Ghenh Rang Tien Sa, Quy Hoa Beach, Eo Gio … to explore these places economically, you should rent a motorbike. Quy Nhon machine that Anh Khoa introduces below. This will ensure credibility and professionalism!

Quy nhon motorbike rental
Quy nhon Motorbike Rental

6 best motorbike rental locations in Quy Nhon

Anh Truong – Scooter rental in Quy Nhon

Anh Truong’s motorbike rental shop in Quy Nhon is renowned as a top-quality service provider today. This establishment consistently upholds excellence in service and quality, rivaling other market competitors. Consequently, it has gained the trust and confidence of customers when making their travel choices.

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Anh Truong’s motorbike rental unit invests in brand-new, meticulously maintained, and finely tuned motorcycles. The fleet of motorcycles is uniform in terms of design and high quality, with all technical specifications meeting top standards. Furthermore, Anh Truong focuses on offering the most reputable motorcycle brands. For manual motorcycles, there are the Honda Wave Alpha, Honda Blade, and Yamaha Sirius. For scooters, they specialize in the Honda Lead, Vision, and Air Blade models.

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On the other hand, despite experiencing these high-quality motorcycles, the prices are remarkably affordable and relatively stable. Starting from just 80,000 VND per day for manual motorcycles and 120,000 VND per day for scooters, you can own a convenient means of transportation. Anh Truong’s rental prices also include additional conveniences like doorstep delivery, helmets, 1 liter of gasoline, and more.

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Moreover, this is one of the few motorbike rental shops in Quy Nhon that does not require a deposit. For tourists, you only need to leave one of your personal identification documents such as your ID card, passport, or driver’s license to complete the rental procedure. A small note for you is to carry your driver’s license for verification, ensuring the rental conditions are met.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 0984 276 302
  • Address: 07 Nguyen Nhac, Ngo May Ward, Quy Nhon

Hoai Bao Motorbike – Quy Nhon motorbike rental

  • Add 27A Hoang Hoa Tham, Quy Nhon
  • Phone: 0935212589
Quy nhon motorbike rental
Hoai Bao Motorbike – a place to rent motorbikes in Quy Nhon cheap

Topping the list of motorbike rental in Quy Nhon, Hoai Bao motorbike rental service has emerged as a phenomenon because of the very good quality of motorbikes, affordable costs and free door-to-door delivery to your hotel. brothers are staying. This is an extremely prestigious place, you should choose this place to rent yourself a motorbike to move!

Reasons to choose Quy Nhon – Hoai Bao Motorbike motorbike rental service:

  • Many motorcycles, new life, high quality.
  • Regular maintenance of motorbikes
  • Free home delivery in Quy Nhon
  • Motorbikes are preferred for monthly rental at an affordable cost

Rong Motorbike – Quy Nhon motorbike rental

  • Add: 278/3 Nguyen Thai Hco, Le Hong Phong, Qui Nhon
  • Phone: 0933 544 422
Quy nhon motorbike rental
Rong Motorbike – Get a free liter of gasoline when renting Quy Nhon motorbike here

Rong Motorbike is a famous Quy Nhon motorbike rental address in the motorbike rental service industry in Quy Nhon. When renting a motorbike at Rong Motorbike, customers will be able to sign a clear and specific motorbike rental contract and will be consulted about the famous attractions of Quy Nhon.

Rong Motorbike motorbike rental shop has many choices from motorbikes, scooters and clutches, and new and old motorbikes. Just a phone call or chat with Zalo, and the shop will deliver motorbikes to your place within 10 minutes if you are in the center. You can rest assured of renting a motorbike at this place because the motorbikes here are very new and updated with high-quality motorbikes from Honda, and Yamaha.

Xuan Tinh Motorbike – Quy Nhon motorbike rental

  • Địa chỉ: 162 Tây Sơn, Tp. Qui Nhơn
  • Điện thoại đặt xe: 0914 289 354
Quy nhon motorbike rental
Xuan Tinh Motorbike – prestigious and professional Quy Nhon motorbike rental

This is a very reputable and professional Quy Nhon motorbike rental place. Motorcycles here are highly appreciated by customers, in addition, Xuan Tinh’s motorcycle fleet is heavily invested, most of which are new high-quality motorbikes. If you are in need of cheap Quy Nhon digital motorbike rental, this is the place you should refer to when you come to this place to visit and experience traveling by motorbike.

Xuan Tinh motorbike rental shop offers a variety of motorbikes such as Wave Alpha, Honda Vision, and Honda Airblade, here, the motorbike rental procedure is very simple. As long as you leave your ID card, you can immediately rent a genuine motorbike.

The price list for motorbike rental Quy Nhon – Xuan Tinh is listed specifically at the rental place. Motorbike rental prices range from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND depending on the rental of scooters or motorbikes. In order to avoid being overpriced, please call Xuan Tinh immediately for a quote and procedures to rent a motorbike right away.

Bao Tu Motorbike – Quy Nhon motorbike rental

Add 537 Đong Đa, Thi Nai, Qui Nhon
Phone: 0935 508 767

Quy nhon motorbike rental
Bao Tu Motorbike – motorbike delivery in Quy Nhon

Bao Tu Motorbike is known by tourists everywhere because this is a very good motorbike rental location, the owner is very enthusiastic from the time of choosing to rent a motorbike to consulting tourist destinations, and delicious restaurants. Cheap in Quy Nhon. The average price for renting a scooter in Quy Nhon at Bao Tu Motorbike is from 150,000 VND. A temporary acceptable price because the motorbikes here are very new and extremely high quality.

Renting a cheap motorbike in Quy Nhon at this place rarely happens to be a motorbike error, you can check and test it and decide to rent it later. Bao Tu Motorbike is equipped with accessories attached to the motorbike such as 2 helmets and 1 liter of gasoline available in the motorbike.

Thanh Huong Motorbike – Cheap motorbike rental Quy Nhon

Add: Thôn Lý Chánh, Xã Nhơn Lý, Quy Nhơn
Phone: 0939 565 489

Quy nhon motorbike rental
Thanh Huong Motorbike is highly appreciated by many customers

In the list of motorbike rental shops in Quy Nhon, Thanh Huong Motorbike is emerging with a professional motorbike rental service. This place has simple motorbike rental procedures such as identity cards for Vietnamese and passports for foreigners.

Thanh Huong Motorbike has free motorbike delivery to Quy Nhon near the center, station, and pier. This unit offers new, high-quality vehicles. Comes with 2 helmets and 01 liters of petrol available in the motorbike for your convenience run to the gas station to refill to move and explore beautiful Quy Nhon. Reference price: from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND

Cuong Thinh Motorbike – Cheap motorbike rental Quy Nhon

Add: 22 Mai Hac De, Quy Nhon
Phone: 0978 665 826

Quy nhon motorbike rental
Cuong Thinh Motorbike has many new motorbikes, delivering motorbikes to the place

Cuong Thinh Motorbike is a famous motorbike rental place in Quy Nhon, where you can rent your own motorbike to travel Quy Nhon city in the most convenient and economical way. The service here is very reputable, especially the price is right according to the store’s listing. Cuong Thinh Motorbike is highly appreciated by many visitors on Google and Tripadvisor, so you can completely trust this Quy Nhon motorbike rental location!

Price list for motorbike rental in Quy Nhon (for reference)

Range of vehiclePrice/1 day
Scooter100,000đ/1 day
Semi-automatic150,000đ/1 day

Quy Nhon motorbike rental experience

  • A cheap place is not necessarily the best, you need to consider and read the reviews from customers who have booked motorbikes before and then decide to book a motorbike.
  • Check the motorbike thoroughly: you should ask the shop owner or staff to give you a new, quality motorbike with no minor damage so as not to affect your adventure.
  • Should bring the necessary documents to present to the owner of Quy Nhon motorbike rental shop.
  • Ask the motorbike rental shop owner to make a clear motorbike rental contract, so that later if an unexpected situation occurs, you also have a contract to testify.

Procedures for renting motorbikes in Quy Nhon

  • You should prepare the original identity card and citizen identification card. If you are afraid of losing or for many other reasons, you can leave your motorbike or cash as a replacement for the motorbike business.
  • The two parties will sign a motorbike rental contract, which is also simple and fast.
  • Many Quy Nhon motorbike rental business locations will give you a full tank of gas (if renting for a long time) 2 helmets, and raincoats.
quy nhon motorbike rental
Rev up your adventure in Quy Nhon with our reliable motorbike rentals! Explore the scenic coastal roads and hidden treasures at your own pace. Discover the freedom of exploration with us.

Experience the famous places of Quy Nhon by motorbike

Twin towers

The tower complex of Champa consists of two towers, the north tower and the south tower side by side, currently located on Tran Hung Dao Street, in Dong Da ward, 3 km from Quy Nhon center. Twin Towers, also known as Hung Thanh Tower, consists of two parallel towers, one 20 m high and the other 18 m high. The Twin Towers were built between the 11th and 13th centuries. Around the outer wall, the roofs, and on the top of the tower, there are many reliefs carved with images of gods, birds, and animals according to the beliefs of the Cham people. The tower has been severely damaged by war and time. From 1991 to 1997, the tower was restored, almost intact. Today, Twin Towers is a tourist attraction for tourists when coming to Quy Nhon.

Long Khanh Pagoda

Located at 141 Tran Cao Van, built in the late 18th century. Long Khanh Pagoda was the place to spread Buddhist beliefs in the area at that time. The pagoda was founded by Venerable Duc Son (Chinese). Currently, the pagoda still preserves two precious objects: Thai Binh Hong Chung (Hong Thai bell) was cast in 1805 during the reign of King Gia Long. The logo of Long Khanh Tu was printed in 1813 during the reign of King Gia Long.

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda is now located in Nhon Binh Ward, 700m east of Truong Uc Bridge. The architecture of the temple has changed a lot, but the temple grounds remain the same. The front is arched, the back side is concave, and the concave rock is close to the cliff. Legend has it that at the foot of the mountain behind the ancient pagoda, there is a huge rock that looks like a dragon’s mouth with an upper jaw, and a small tongue sticking out in the middle. That rock was called Ham Long stone, now no longer exists. In the temple, there are 15 large and small tower tombs, some tombs still keep the old mossy features of hundreds of years ago, and there are tower tombs that have been restored and are more spacious. In 1992, the pagoda built a statue of Bodhisattva Quan Am in the west. In 1996, a statue of Sakyamuni meditated in the northwest, bringing a new color to the temple.

Coming to Son Long, visitors can also admire the stone Buddha statue with 7 dragon heads weighing 1.5 tons, and 3.1 m high with carved patterns on the back. The statue is determined to be of the Cham people carved in the 13th century. Despite its modest appearance, Son Long Pagoda still welcomes guests from far away to visit, sightsee, etc., especially at the beginning of the new year.

Tien Sa Ghenh Rang

Located about 3 km southeast of Quy Nhon city center [18]. Ghenh Rang scenic spot stretches along the coast, winding for kilometers, the sea is clear blue. This place has Egg Stone Beach (with countless smooth round stones like giant bird eggs) which is a group of painted stalactites called Hoang Hau Beach (Nam Phuong Queen used to bathe here), the easternmost traces. of Xuan Van mountain range. In addition, there are graves of poet Han Mac Tu located on Thi Nhan Hill and Bao Dai Lau (a three-story motel, facing the sea, destroyed during the war).

Crossing the top of Mong Cam slope, turning onto a steep, terraced road will be the resting place of poet Han Mac Tu, with an airy poplar forest campus and pure sea breeze rustling in your ears. Due to a serious illness, he had to spend the last years of his life in the Quy Hoa leprosy camp, then died at the age of 28 and left behind immortal poems for life. To satisfy the poet’s wish during his lifetime, in 1969, his family and friends brought his body to Ghenh Rang for burial. The tomb was built on a high mound, with its back against the mountain, facing the sea, which is a place that anyone who even once came to Ghenh Rang would visit.

Quy Hoa Beach

Next to Quy Hoa Beach, there is Quy Hoa Leprosy Hospital, quite simple and rustic, but perhaps that’s why this place gives us a rustic and serene feeling.

Thi Nai Brigde

Quy Nhon has Thi Nai overpass which is the second longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam (2,477.3 m long, 24.5 m wide, 100 tons tonnage including 54 spans, total investment capital is 1,500 billion dong). Located in the Nhon Hoi road and bridge system with a length of nearly 17 km connecting Quy Nhon city with Phuong Mai peninsula (Nhon Hoi economic zone), including the main bridge over Thi Nai lagoon, 5 small bridges over the Ha Thanh River and the two leading roads. bridge. The bridge was built in 5 years, and inaugurated on 12/12/2006.

Quy Nhon Cathedral

Quy Nhon Cathedral (also known as Our Lady of Ascension and also known as Nhon Church) is located at 122 Tran Hung Dao Street, Quy Nhon City. The church has a fairly large campus and is planted with many green trees…

Hai Minh fishing village

A fishing village located on Phuong Mai peninsula in area 9, Hai Cang ward, Quy Nhon city. The fishing village is small, quiet, and magically beautiful when the afternoon falls. The village is located on a peninsula, about 15 minutes by boat from Ham Tu wharf near Quy Nhon city center.

The fishing village is very close, but also far enough for those who like to have a day picnic to choose this place as a destination. With relics and beautiful scenes such as the statue of Duc Thanh Tran (provincial relic), Tam Toa mountain ruins (national relic), Hai Long pagoda, Phuoc Mai lighthouse, Thi Nai lagoon, Bat cave, beach Dawn,…

Eo Gio

Eo Gio is located on Phuong Mai peninsula, about 20 km northeast of Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh province. The reason why it is called Eo Gio is because it has the shape of a hollow like a saddle, located between two high mountains next to the sea.

Perhaps anyone who comes to Eo Gio for the first time can’t help but be surprised to see the towering rocky mountains, overlapping with magnificent caves, and flocks of swallows hovering around.

Eo Gio is beautiful in a wild way by strangely shaped mountain ranges reaching out to the big sea, embracing a whole circle to form an inlet strait. The waves of the sea fluttered each other at the foot of the mountain, gently hitting the cliffs. In the heart of Eo Gio, a rather wide golden sand beach, smooth waves make you feel like you are drifting into nature.

Looking far away, in front of the beach, clusters of islands with many strange shapes protrude above the water. On the side of the cliff, caves with very funny names: Ky Co cave, Ba Nghe cave … attract a lot of swiftlets to live here.

Along the foot of the mountain, colorful, smooth egg-stone beaches interspersed with large, flat rocks like a tabletop help you sit back and relax after walking or sightseeing.

To Eo Gio, you have to climb for 1 hour to the top of the towering mountain to admire all the magnificent beauty of heaven and earth. The road to the top is bumpy and difficult to go, but it makes up for you with a feeling of floating, indescribable when you see Eo Gio at your feet appear like a fishing boat about to rush to the big sea. If you look through binoculars, you can clearly see the coral reefs in the clear blue water, surrounded by schools of fish swimming around.

Ancient Green Island Lighthouse

The French Mandarin’s quarters: Next to the lighthouse is a two-story working house, built more than 100 years ago. From here, you can see the entire island area and admire the panoramic view of the vast sea in the distance, suddenly your heart is as liberal as a verse: “If you want to see a thousand miles away, go up half a floor”.

Going down the northwest direction of the lighthouse is Suoi Gieng Tien. The name of this stream comes from a legend that, in the past, on moonlit nights, fairies from the sky came down here to visit. The fairies invited each other to take off their clothes, cool off, and have fun before flying back to the sky. Having the opportunity to come here, you should once take a “fairy” bath, and feel the saltiness of the sea and the sweetness of spring water.

Yen Island

Called “island”, but actually the land of swiftlets is located on Phuong Mai peninsula. The Trieu Chau Mountains stretch to the sea, stretching about 15 km, forming undulating mountains with funny names: Hon Mai, Chop Vung island, Cot Co mountain, Black Mountain… and among them, the top The southern mountain is named Hon Yen. Every spring comes, the weather is warm, and swiftlets flock together to come here to make nests.

Useful tips: You have explored all of Quy Nhon and intend to move to the ancient city of Hoi An to visit and explore, then pocket a reputable and professional motorbike rental Hoi An right away.

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