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Price List of bike rental hoi an

motorbike tours from hoi an

hoi an motorbike tour

Life is each journey.

  • Highlight Loop Over Hai Van Pass – 1 Day Motorbike Tour – $48 
  • Hoi An To Hue By Motorbike Tour Via Hai Van Pass Or Vice Versa – 1 Day Motorbike Tour – $48
  • Rural Experience Co Tu Ethnic Minority Life And Loop – 2 Days Motorbike Tour – $138
  • Hoi An To Phong Nha National Park – 4 Days Motorbike Tour – $300
  • Hoi An To Hue Via Ho Chi Minh Trail – 2 Days Motorbike Tour – $138
  • Special Golden Triangle Loop – 3 Days Motorbike Tour – $207
  • Hoi An To Hue Via Ho Chi Minh Trail And Dmz – 3 Days Motorbike Tour – $207
  • 5 Days Motorbike Tour In Central Of Viet Nam : Hoi An – Khe Sanh – Phong Nha – Dmz – Hue Via Ho Chi Minh Trail – $375

Tours Unveiling the Wonders Beyond Hoi An

hoi an tour

daily group tours

  • Cam Thanh Coconut Jungle & My Son Sanctuary Full-day Tour – $48
  • Cam Thanh Cooking Class & My Son Holy Land Full Day Tour – $55
  • Cam Thanh Cooking Class – Danang City Sites – $48
  • Da Nang – Monkey Mountain – Marble Mountains – Hoi An City By Night – $37
  • Ba Na Hills – Golden Bridge Full-day – $66
  • Tra Que Farming & Lantern Making – $34
  • Hoi An – Farming & Fishing Life By Bike – $49
  • Marble Mountains – Monkey Mountain – Am Phu Cave – Danang By Night And Cruise – $57
  • My Son Sanctuary Sunset Tour – $22
  • My Son Sanctuary Luxury Tour – $34
  • Danang Sites & My Son Holy Land Full-day Tour – $48
  • My Son Sanctuary & Hoi An City Full-day Tour
  • Marble Mountains – Monkey Mountain – Am Phu Cave Morning Tour – $28
  • Hoi An City Tour – Boat Ride – Release Flower Lantern (Optional: Street Foods) – $28
  • Tra Nhieu Basket Boat & Biking Tour – $36
  • Tra Que Village & Cooking Class – $35
  • Cam Thanh Coconut Jungle – Cooking Class – $25
  • Cam Thanh Coconut Jungle Eco Tour – $24
  • Cham Island Sightseeing & Snorkeling Tour – $33
  • Hoi An Countryside – Handicraft Villages By Bike And Boat Trip – $40
  • Hai Van Pass And Hue City Tour – $55
  • Marble Mountains – Am Phu Cave – Monkey Mountain Sunser Tour – $24
  • Danang – Monkey Mountain – Marble Mountains – Coconut Jungle – Hoi An City Full-day – $57
  • Coconut Jungle – Hoi An City – Boat Ride & Release Flower Lantern – $41

Discovering Hoi An's Routes: Bus Services and Transportation


Northern Vietnam route

Southern Vietnam route

private car

privaet car hoi an

Private Car Price List: Explore Hoi An at Your Own Pace

type of cars: 4 seats | 7 seats | 16 seats
  • Hoi An → Vinpearl (1 way): 250.000 | 300.000 | 400.000
  • Hoi An → Hue (1 way): 1.600.000 | 1.700.000 | 2.000.000
  • Hoi An → Hue (1 way): 2.100.000 | 2.300.000 | 2.900.000

laundry hoi an

hoi an laundry

price list of laundry service

  • Normal Laundry – 35.000 / 1 Kg (Excludes clothing ironing.)
  • Express Laundry – 60.000 / 1 Kg (Excludes clothing ironing.)
  • Normal Laundry with Iron – 75.000 / 1 Kg (Includes clothing ironing.)
  • Shoes – 120,000 / pair of shoes
  • Backpack – 150,000 VND / 1 backpack

Bicycle Rental Services

hoi an bicycle

price list of bicycle rental in hoi an

Mini bicycle

  • 1 hour – 50,000 VND
  • a half day (08 hrs) – 70,000 VND
  • full day (24 hrs) – 100,000 VND

mountain bike

  • 1 hour  – 100.000 VND
  • a half day (08 hrs)  – 150.000 VND
  • full day (24 hrs) – 200,000 VND

exchange money

exchange money hoi an

why you should exchange money Hoi An

  • Convenience: Local businesses and vendors in Hoi An might prefer or only accept the local currency (Vietnamese Dong)
  • Better Rates: While exchanging money at airports or tourist spots might offer convenience
  • Avoiding Fees: Some banks or ATMs might charge additional fees for international withdrawals.
  • Local Experience: Visiting an exchange service or bank in Hoi An could provide an opportunity to interact with locals

train ticket

buy train ticket hoi an

Benefits of Buying Train Tickets in Hoi An

  • Scenic Journeys: Train travel in Hoi An often offers picturesque routes through the Vietnamese countryside, providing travelers with stunning views they might miss when traveling by other means.
  • Cost-Effective Transportation: Train tickets in Hoi An can be more economical compared to other modes of transportation, especially for longer distances. This affordability can be advantageous for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Convenient Access to Various Destinations: Trains from Hoi An connect to multiple cities and regions within Vietnam, making it a convenient mode of transport for exploring different parts of the country.
  • Comfortable Travel Options: Depending on the ticket class, train travel in Hoi An can offer varying degrees of comfort, from reclining seats to sleeper cabins, ensuring a comfortable journey for travelers of different preferences.
  • Cultural Experience: Train travel provides an opportunity to interact with locals and fellow travelers, offering a glimpse into Vietnamese culture and traditions, enriching the overall travel experience.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Trains are generally considered a more eco-friendly mode of transport compared to other options like flights or buses, contributing to a more sustainable travel choice.

flight ticket


Advantages of Booking Flight Tickets to Hoi An

  • Accessibility from Various Locations: Flight tickets offer accessibility to Hoi An from various domestic and international destinations, making it a convenient option for travelers coming from different parts of the world.
  • Time Efficiency: Flights often provide a quicker mode of transportation compared to other means, saving time and allowing travelers to spend more time exploring Hoi An and its surroundings.
  • Options for Airlines and Routes: Multiple airlines operate flights to Hoi An, offering travelers a range of choices in terms of schedules, services, and price points, allowing for flexibility in travel plans.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Flight travel usually offers a higher level of comfort with amenities such as onboard entertainment, refreshments, and various seating options, ensuring a more relaxed journey.
  • Flexibility in Travel Plans: With multiple flights available daily, travelers have the flexibility to choose departure times that align with their schedules, providing convenience and adaptability.
  • Global Connectivity: International flights to nearby airports like Da Nang offer seamless connectivity to Hoi An, allowing travelers to explore not just the city but also the broader region with ease.

spa & beauty salon

spa in hoi an

price list of spa & beaty salon in Hoi an

spa & massage

  • Facial • 60 mins • 750,000
  • Body Massage • 60 mins • 800,000
  • Body Scrub • 45 mins • 450,000
  • Body Wrap • 45 mins • 450,00
  • Foot Massage • 60 mins • 599,000
  • Hand Massage • 45 mins • 399,000
  • Back, neck, shoulder massage • 40 mins • 450,000
  • Back Massage • 30 mins • 350,000
  • Under arm waxing • 15 mins • 300,000
  • Back waxing • 30 mins • 450,000

beuty salon & nails

  • Hair cut • 350,000VND
  • Hair dye • 650,000VND
  • Bleach hair
  • Straighten hair • 750,000VND
  • Hair care • 300,000VND
  • Shampoo (wash hair) • 200,000VND
  • Make-up • 250,000VND
  • Srpay eyebrow and lip tatoo • 750,000VND
  • Eyebrow dye • 750,000VND
  • Manicure • 300,000
  • Pedicure • 300,000
  • Heel scrub • 15 mins • 190,000
  • Spa pedicure • 50 mins • 600,000
  • Spa manicure • 40 mins • 600,000
  • Nail color • 130,000
  • French • 190,000

hotel & room for rent

room for rent Hoi An
  • Convenience and Services: Hotels often provide amenities such as comfortable rooms, housekeeping, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, and spa services, offering a convenient and comfortable experience during your travels.
  • Convenient Location: Many hotels in Hoi An are strategically located near famous tourist spots, city centers, or beaches, making it easy for you to move around and explore interesting destinations.
  • Local Experience: Some Hoi An hotels may offer local experiences such as cooking classes, insights into local daily life, or cultural introduction programs.
  • Safety and Comfort: Renting a hotel room ensures safety and assistance from staff when needed, along with amenities like internet access and communication facilities.

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Anh Khoa – Hoi An has assembled a team of skilled, highly experienced, and professional staff. Additionally, our company has established partnerships with domestic and international collaborators to support our work. Anh Khoa Hoi An is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality services.

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Anh Khoa – Hoi An gathers a team of well-trained, highly qualified and professional staff. In addition, our company also has many domestic and foreign collaborators to serve the work. Anh Khoa Hoi An is committed to bringing comprehensive and quality services to customers.

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