Quang Ngai is a coastal province located in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. The provincial capital is Quang Ngai City, 820 km south of Ho Chi Minh City, 146 km north of Da Nang city and 908 km north of Hanoi along National Highway 1A. Rent a motorbike in Quang Ngai to be more convenient in moving to explore tourist attractions, enjoy Quang Ngai’s cuisine.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Top-list motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Here, Anh Khoa will introduce to you some reputable, professional, and especially affordable Quang Ngai motorbike rental locations, let’s explore!

5 best motorbike rentals in Quang Ngai

Mrs No Motorbike – Quang Ngai motorbike rental

  • Add: Đường Nguyen Nghiem st, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0917071216

According to Anh Khoa’s research, No Motorbike’s Quang Ngai motorbike rental location is very good, cheap, and enthusiastic to deliver free motorbikes to customers. Here, you just need to leave your ID card or driver’s license to be able to rent a motorbike for yourself. Motorbike rental prices range from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND depending on the type of vehicle.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Mrs. No cheap motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Reasons to choose the motorbike rental service No Motorbike:

  • A large number of bikes, high quality.
  • Motorcycles are regularly maintained and warranted
  • Delivery of motorbikes to hotels, piers, and bus stations.
  • Bikes rental by the day, by month

Thanh Binh Motorbike – Quang Ngai motorbike rental

  • Add: 117 Tran Quang Dieu st, Quang Ngai
  • Phone: 0935631863

Thanh Binh Motorbike is a famous Quang Ngai motorbike rental address in the motorbike rental service industry in Quang Ngai. When renting a motorbike in Thanh Binh, customers will be signed a clear and specific motorbike rental contract and will be advised on famous attractions of Quang Ngai.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Thanh Binh best price motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Thanh Binh motorbike rental shop has many choices from motorbikes, scooters, and clutches, to new and old cars. Just a phone call or chat with Zalo, and the shop will deliver motorbikes to your place within 10 minutes if you are in the center. You can rest assured to rent a motorbike at this place because the motorbikes here are very new, and updated with high-quality bikes from Honda, and Yamaha.

Le Tran Motorbike – Quang Ngai motorbike rental

This is a very reputable and professional Quang Ngai motorbike rental shop. Motorcycles here are highly appreciated by customers, in addition, Le Tran’s motorbike fleet is strongly invested, most of which are new high-quality bikes. If you are in need of a cheap Quang Ngai digital car rental, this is the place you should refer to when you come to this place to visit and experience traveling by motorbike.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Le Tran’s delivery motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai Le Tran motorbike rental shop offers a variety of motorbikes such as Wave alpha, Honda Vision, and Honda Airblade, here, the motorbike rental procedure is very simple. As long as you leave your ID card, you can immediately rent a genuine motorbike.

The price list for motorbike rental in Quang Ngai – Le Tran is listed specifically at the rental place. Motorbike rental prices range from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND depending on the rental of scooters or motorbikes. In order to avoid being overpriced, please call Le Tran immediately for a quote and procedures to rent a motorbike right away.

Thinh Phat Motorbike – Quang Ngai motorbike rental

Add: Quang Ngai
Phone: 0918100068

Thinh Phat Motorbike is known by tourists everywhere because this is a very good place to rent motorbikes, the boss is very enthusiastic about choosing to rent a motorbike to consult tourist destinations and delicious restaurants. Cheap in Quang Ngai. The average price for renting a scooter in Quang Ngai in Thinh Phat is 150,000 VND. A temporarily acceptable price because the motorbikes here are very new and extremely high quality.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Thinh Phat – motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Renting a cheap motorbike in Quang Ngai at this place rarely happens to be a motorbike, you can check and test it and decide to rent it later. Thinh Phat is equipped with bike accessories such as 2 helmets and 1 liter of gasoline available in the bike.

Minh Phuong Motorbike – Cheap motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Add: 39 Hung Vuong st, Quang Ngai
Phone: 0194960787

In the list of motorbike rental shops in Quang Ngai, Minh Phuong Motorbike is emerging with a professional motorbike rental service. This place has simple car rental procedures such as identity cards for Vietnamese and passports for foreigners.

motorbike rental in quang ngai
Minh Phuong’s reputation motorbike rental in Quang Ngai

Minh Phuong Motorbike has free motorbike delivery in Quang Ngai near the center, train station, and pier. This unit offers new, high-quality vehicles. Comes with 2 helmets and 01 liters of petrol available in the bike for your convenience to run to the gas station to refill move and explore beautiful Quang Ngai. Reference price: from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND

Price list for motorbike rental in Quang Ngai (for reference)

Range of vehiclePrice/1 day
Scooter120,000đ/1 day
Semi-automatic150,000đ/1 day

Experience renting motorbikes in Quang Ngai

  • A cheap place is not necessarily the best, you need to consider and read the reviews from customers who have booked motorbikes before and then decide to book a bike.
  • Check the bike thoroughly: you should ask the shop owner or staff to give you a new, quality car with no minor damage so as not to affect your adventure.
  • Should bring the necessary documents to present to the owner of the motorbike rental shop in Quang Ngai.
  • Ask the motorbike rental shop owner to make a clear motorbike rental contract, so that later if an unexpected situation occurs, you also have a contract to testify.

Procedures for renting motorbikes in Quang Ngai

  • You should prepare the original identity card and citizen identification card. If you are afraid of losing or for many other reasons, you can leave your car or cash as a replacement for the motorbike business.
  • The two parties will sign a car rental contract, which is also simple and fast.
  • Many motorbike rental businesses in Quang Ngai will give you a full tank of gas (if renting for a long time) 2 helmets, and raincoats.

Experience the famous places of Quang Ngai by motorbike

My Khe Beach – Dung Quat Beach

My Khe beach is located on Highway 24B, 15 km from Quang Ngai town, 16 km from Dung Quat port, in the territory of Co Luy village, Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district. My Khe beach makes a strong impression on tourists with the quiet and peaceful look of a clear blue coast covered by deep blue poplar forest and crescent sea bow.

In addition to resting, swimming, and breathing in the fresh air, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the Son My war memorial. Driving a motorbike to explore My Khe – Dung Quat beach helps you save travel costs compared to renting a taxi or a service car.

Sa Huynh salt field – Bai Dua white waterfall tourist area – Tu Nghia

Sa Huynh salt field in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province has been known for a long time through the extremely artistic photos of many domestic and international photographers. This place is an important salt granary of the central region, salt making in Sa Huynh has entered many verses and verses of Vietnam.

The white waterfall tourist area is located in the Minh Long district and is about 20km from Quang Ngai city. The scenery here is really impressive with the pristine and fresh mountains, the waterfall falls in the middle of the landscape surrounded by so many trees, rivers, and streams with white foam. Coming to Quang Ngai, do not miss this place because you will immediately have virtual live photos with a beautiful view right here.

Ba Tân Gân ( Ba Làng An) – Bình Sơn Núi Cà Đam

Climbing 80 steps to the top of the 36-meter-high lighthouse, visitors can admire the panoramic beauty of Ba Lang An cape. Ba Lang An Cape is located in Binh Chau Commune, Binh Son District (Quang Ngai), and is made up of bow-shaped volcanic sedimentary cliffs on the coast. Below are high black rock mounds, floating when the water is shallow and submerged at high tide. The name Ba Lang An originates from the names of three villages near the cape, Van An, An Chuan, and An Hai. In Nos richesses coloniales 1900-1905 (Our Colonial Wealth), this place is called Batangan. This calling is explained by misreading Ba Lang An into Batangan. Both names are currently in use.

Check out other motorbike rental locations

You have explored all of Quang Ngai and are intending to move to the ancient city of Hoi An to visit and explore, then pocket a reputable and professional motorbike rental Hoi An right away.

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