Motorbike rental in Vung Tau is quite developed recently. Here is a summary of the Top 5 reputable and cheap Vung Tau motorbike rental locations, tested by hundreds of motorbike rental customers. In addition, the article also provides the necessary information and experience for you to rent a motorbike for the first time, avoiding unnecessary risks.

1. Motorbike rental shop in Vung Tau – Minh Hai

The quality of bike rental in Minh Hai is very good. Every car has very strong running power, freely crossing the slope and passing the pass. The breakdown or stalling of the engine in the middle of the road is very rare. Therefore, you can rest assured when renting a car here to make the journey to discover Vung Tau.

Scooter120,000đ/1 day
Semi-automatic150,000đ/1 day

Besides, the bike rental price at this facility is very comfortable, only from 80.000VND-150.000VND / day. Compared to the general market for car rental in Vung Tau, this price is quite low. Spending such a modest amount of money to rent a quality motorbike like Minh Hai’s is too good.

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In addition, the procedure for renting a car here is also extremely simple. You just need to leave the garage with an identification document such as an ID/Passport to be able to rent a car. Therefore, when renting a car in Minh Hai, you absolutely do not need a cash deposit. On the other hand, this place does not collect any unreasonable expenses, so you can rest assured when booking a car here.

In particular, the shop owner, Uncle Hai, has left a deep impression on car rental customers here. His voice is always calm and polite, creating a sense of peace of mind for listeners. When renting a car here, we never let customers wait more than 15 minutes. When talking with him, you will feel a part of the genuine human soul, understanding the guests of the people here.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 0919 394 866 – 0918 308 772
  • Address: No. 119/5/5 Hoang Hoa Tham, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city
Motorbike Rental in Vung Tau
Motorbike rental shop in Vung Tau – Minh Hai

2. Motorbike rental in Vung Tau – Mr.Tan

Vung Tau motorbike rental shop – Mr. Tan is a new name but has created the trust of customers to experience the service. This unit focuses on investing in quality new vehicles, ensuring stable performance when moving. With more than 30 vehicles, mainly scooters such as Honda Vision, Honda Air Blade, etc., are regularly maintained and cared for. Therefore, your journey will not encounter weak or damaged vehicles on the road.

Not only providing the best cars, this unit also provides free equipment with 2 helmets and 1 liter of gasoline. This place always gives maximum support to customers by simplifying the car rental procedure. You just need to provide one of the identification documents such as an ID card, Driver’s License, Passport, etc. In just 10 minutes, you have got yourself a smooth luxury car to enjoy walking around. the sea along the way of Vung Tau.

Moreover, Mr. Tan’s shop offers cheap prices suitable for all customers from students to business travelers, etc. The price is quite affordable with only 100,000 VND/day for a satisfactory car. In addition, if you rent a car for a long time, the store also has many other attractive promotions and promotions.

The brightest plus point for this unit comes from the extremely favorable store location and convenient transportation, only 5 minutes by car from Vung Tau central bus station. There is also a door-to-door car delivery service to the address of the guest. You just need to contact us to book a car in advance, there will always be staff ready to deliver the car on time, quickly to save time and optimize the travel schedule.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 0987 676 021
  • Address: No. 36/17A Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city
Motorbike Rental in Vung Tau
Motorbike rental Vung Tau – Mr.Tan

3. Motorbike rental in Vung Tau – XE 88

XE 88 bike rental shop owns a variety of models such as Air Blade, Vision, NVX, Acruzo, Sirus, Wave… Reasonable prices range from 120,000 VND – 150,000 VND. The rental price is calculated for 24 hours, from the time of receiving the bike to the same time the next day. XE88 is committed to bike quality, ensuring a safe travel schedule for passengers.

Moreover, at XE88, there are many utilities included, serving all the needs of customers. The unit provides door-to-door car delivery service in the area of ​​Vung Tau city. Each bike comes with 2 1/2 free helmets. Not only that, but the XE88 unit is also equipped with 2 raincoats, and repair kits for customers with extremely high quality.

XE 88 emphasizes customer experience on every trip. Periodically, the vehicles will be maintained, checked, and new equipment and hats are replaced after each trip. Therefore, visitors are assured of the quality of the vehicles in the unit. In addition, promotions come when renting a car. At XE88, there is a separate policy for long-term car hire which is quite attractive.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 0826 618 888 – 0983 921 111
  • Address 1: 109/19 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 2, Vung Tau.
  • Address 2: 70/12 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau
Motorbike Rental in Vung Tau
Motorbike rental in Vung Tau – XE 88

4. Motorbike rental in Ba Ria Vung Tau – Thanh Hai (Mr.Dung)

Bike rental in Thanh Hai will be done with very simple car rental procedures. You just need to leave your ID card or Passport and you can get the car right within 5 minutes. So you don’t need to save any money for a car deposit. Thanks to that, the budget for your trip will be more abundant.

Besides, this place also owns a large number of motorbikes. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the problem of running out of cars, and not having enough cars for the embroidery group during the peak tourist season. Just call to book in advance, and all your requirements will be met.

In addition, you will be completely assured of the quality of the car when you book a car here. Every vehicle in the store is regularly inspected and maintained. This action helps to detect failures and fix them in time. With these cars, you will be spoiled for choice in every inch of land in Vung Tau. The number of rental cars here is relatively large, so there are many rental options.

Mr. Dung, the shop owner, has lived in Vung Tau for many years, so he understands this land very well. If you have not yet determined your schedule here, you can ask for advice. The places you recommend are all in the top tourist spots here.

Motorbike Rental in Vung Tau
Motorbike rental in Ba Ria Vung Tau – Thanh Hai (Mr.Dung)

5. Cheap Vung Tau motorbike rental service – Anh Can

All rental bikes at this store are brand new. Therefore, when choosing a car, you will be confused about which car to choose because they are all too good. Not only beautiful appearance, but the car engine is also very strong to conquer the bumpiest roads.

Besides, helmets for guests are also cleaned regularly. Therefore, the phenomenon of stickiness and dandruff caused by wearing a dirty bike that does not occur. So you don’t have to worry about hat cleaning anymore. This is a small action that shows the store’s intention when putting itself in the customer’s shoes to improve service.

In addition, the quality of service here is also excellent. This address has a car delivery service to the door of the hotel, if you order many, it will be delivered at the same time by truck. This saves time waiting to receive the car. Not only that, the reasonable car rental price and the enthusiastic advice of the owner are also interesting points that attract many customers to come back here to rent a car.

Contact Info:

  • Phone: 0936 436 606
  • Address: 139 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
Motorbike Rental in Vung Tau
5. Cheap Vung Tau motorbike rental service – Anh Can

Above is a general list of 5 Vung Tau motorbike rental units compiled from quality reviews from customers. Anh Khoa wishes you a smooth trip and great experiences.

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