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Do you come to this beautiful Hoi An for tourism and want to cycle around the ancient houses, corrugated iron roofs, and sacred pagodas? Bicycle rental Hoi An is a simple way to help you move everywhere faster in this old town, let’s explore Anh Khoa the most famous bicycle rental place in Hoi An!

In order to encourage tourists and residents to participate in smoke-free traffic in the old town, Hoi An People’s Committee provides reputable bicycle rental locations for guests to contact. Together to carry out the message of protecting the greenhouse on Earth, the bicycle rental and repair shops are all managed by the city to ensure the rights of customers. Anh Khoa Hoi An is a reputable and professional unit specializing in bicycle rental in Hoi An. Please refer to the detailed article below.

Bicycle Rental Hoi An
Bicycle Rental Hoi An

Bicycle rental price list in Hoi An

Bicycle rental price in Hoi An is very cheap, Anh Khoa sent the price list of Hoi An bicycle rental as the information we listed below:

1 session (8 hours)50,000đ
1 day (24 hours)95,000đ

Bicycle rental company located in Hoi An

Anh Khoa Hoi An Co., Ltd. is the most professional company specializing in renting bicycles in Hoi An ancient town. To meet the needs for bicycle rental services in Hoi An, our company imports bicycle models. best quality. In addition, our bike rental price in Hoi An is among the lowest, but the bike quality is good. With the desire for customers to have the best experience.

Bicycle Rental Hoi An

Add: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An (Map)
Phone: 0935 439 306

Why choose Hoi An bike rental at Anh Khoa company?

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– Being the Hoi An bicycle rental company with the largest number of bicycles.

– Enthusiastic and professional staff.

– Support the breakdown if the bike is damaged during movement.

– Bicycle rental in Hoi An has the cheapest cost today. In addition, our company also has a motorbike rental service in Hoi An with a good cost, only 120,000 VND / 1 day (24 hours), you will have more choices when moving.

– There are many good reviews from customers with good comments about our store. Bicycle rental shops always aim to provide the best service to customers.

Bicycle rental procedures in Hoi An

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– You leave your identity card or citizen ID, then you will receive a bicycle to comfortably travel around Hoi An ancient town in the most convenient way.

– If you do not bring your identity card or citizen identification card, you can deposit us the amount of 2,000,000 VND to rent Hoi An bicycle.

Suitable places for cycling in Hoi An

– Hoi An ancient town area

– Tra Que Vegetable Village

  • Thanh Ha Pottery Village

And the areas of ancient houses and monuments are located in Hoi An ancient town, very convenient for you to ride a bicycle to visit in the most convenient way.

The benefits of cycling

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  • Helps strengthen leg muscles, hip joints, and knee joints.

– helps promote a healthy heart Because the heart pumps blood faster which improves the condition of the heart

Bicycle rental pictures in Hoi An

If you are looking for a bicycle to rent to go around Hoi An to explore and travel around the famous places of Hoi An ancient town such as: the old town, An Bang beach, Tra Que vegetable village, The village. Thanh Ha pottery, Cam Thanh coconut forest, Kim Bong Carpentry Village … then Anh Khoa is the only prestigious local unit that you can trust and put your trust in. Please contact us for advice.

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