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Anh Khoa – Hội An là công ty đa dịch vụ, đơn vị đi đầu trong ngành du lịch và dịch vụ tiện ích cho địa phương và khách du lịch. Với sứ mệnh đem những dịch vụ tốt nhất đến với khách hàng và mang lại giá trị dịch vụ tốt nhất đến với khách hàng! Các dịch vụ thế mạnh của chúng tôi là: cho thuê xe máy Hội An, taxi tải Hội An, Xe Hội An Đà Nẵng và hàng trăm các dịch vụ khác.
Bên cạnh đó, Anh Khoa Hội An còn một sứ mệnh xuyên suốt cho những nhân viên đồng hành: “tạo môi trường tốt đẹp, cống hiến và phát triển bản thân. Mỗi ngày đến công ty là một niềm vui. Tạo giá trị tốt đẹp đến với khách hàng và ngày càng phát huy tinh thần, rút kinh nghiệm.
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Motorbike Rental in Hoi An

Rent a motorbike and explore the best nooks and crannies in Hoi An and nearby attractions

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Free deliver and pick-up at hotel in Hoi An

Free delivery and receipt of motorbike when you are staying in Hoi An, in just 15 minutes, we will give you the best motorbike you have ever seen. With a team of professional staff. Everything will be fully handed over and will be guided in the most detailed way. We provide free helmets, 1 liter of gasoline, phone holder (required) and guide for sightseeing, traveling by motorbike. Very helpful bike rental hoi an.


High-quality bikes, diverse bike lines and new

With 15 years of experience in the tourism industry in bike rental in hoi an, we know what to do to meet your needs. Therefore, new and high-quality bikes have been invested by us. More than 300 vehicles, from scooters, clutches, or gear bikes. Depending on your own needs and preferences, you can try it out and choose right away. With a simple procedure, you can choose for yourself the motorbike you like best, affordable but most suitable for you.


There are many branches in Vietnam

Currently Anh Khoa company has 3 branches across the territory of Vietnam, you can rent a bike hoi an and pay one way hoi an to Hue and Danang. In the future, we will expand to other branches for your convenience to visit and travel throughout Vietnam. With standard service style, you will feel secure when visiting any of our branches. Very pleased to welcome you!

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Anh Khoa – Hoi An is a general services company, specializing in leasing equipment, vehicles, and transportation and organizing professional tours. Khoa always strives to develop sustainably and together with Hoi An “Towards the Future”. Anh Khoa has been and will continue to provide high quality products and perfect services to bring the highest satisfaction to customers, as well as contribute positively to the development of the tourism industry and technology in Hoi An

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Ba Na Hills – Golden Bridge Tour


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Hoi An, the most beautiful city

Hoi an is a beautiful town located towards the middle of Vietnam on the coast, 45 min away from the city of Da Nang, this is a must visit destination when travelling to Vietnam, DO NOT SKIP IT! Hoi an is an incredibly picturesque town and at ever turn you’ll find yourself wishing you brought your camera. the incredible ancient french architecture can be seen all over Hoi an within its buildings, and the vibrant blues and yellows of this towns walls will imprint a memory of this place that can not be forgotten.

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Show ticket

Memories Show Ticket

  • Experience what it’s like to live in Hoi An by visiting the themed villages that represent its 400-year history
  • Explore the Tourist Section where you’ll learn how trading shaped the architecture and culture of this town
  • Be amazed by the world’s largest outdoor show that features 500 plus performers!
  • Savor the flavors of Vietnam at the bamboo inspired restaurant inside the park
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A O Show

Don’t miss out on Vietnam’s own version of Cirque du Soleil, the A O Show – a spectacular production that pays tribute to Vietnamese roots and showcases developing contemporary cities in one amazing show! Travel to the dome-shaped Lune Performing Center in Hoi An and enjoy a night of theatrical visual arts backdropped against the beauty of the theater’s interesting architecture and decor. See a mix of contemporary dance, acrobatics, bamboo work, and more as live music echoes Southern Vietnamese work songs. You’ll find yourself totally enraptured at the fascinating performance that highlights the best of both old and new Vietnam.

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Please click on the link to contact us directly via Whatsapp (+84 935 439 306), we will respond in seconds.


You can contact us via email for advice and reservation. We will respond quickly –


Address in Hoi An: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An. Get direction


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