• Normal Laundry – not iron (20 hrs) 35,000 / 1 kg (under 4 kgs → 50,000 / 1 kg)Wash & Fold
  • Express Laundry – not iron (06 hrs) 60,000 / 1 kg (under 4kgs → 90,000 / 1 kg)Wash & Fold
  • Normal Laundry with IRON: 75,000 / 1kg → Wash, Fold & Iron
  • Quote for washing separately for each item.
  • Shoes: 120,000VND / 1 pair of shoes → Wash & Dry

Laundry Policy

Please check your clothes, socks, skirts, dresses, hats, shoes… first, if the following cases occur, we will not be responsible for the problems below:

  • Lost clothes, sock,..
  • Discolored clothes (you should let us know which items need to be washed separately or fabrics that need to be washed by hand)
  • The shirt and pants are torn.
  • If you do regular laundry, your shirt will not include ironing. Chances are your clothes will be wrinkled.
  • We weigh your clothes before washing, if there are wet items, they will also be counted.
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why choose us?

Are you traveling and staying in Hoi An? Your dirty clothes are a lot of backlog? Do not worry, we are here to help you handle your clothes, shoes, backpack quickly and cleanly in Hoi An. Laundry Hoi An service is the leading laundry specialist in Hoi An. We are not the best, but we are the most professional. As the leading laundry chain in Vietnam, there are more than 30 laundry factories across Vietnam.

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laundry hoi an

Cheap laundry

You should consider the many laundry hoi an vietnam with unbelievably cheap prices, you should be careful about the facilities that are not guaranteed. For example, they will use quality laundry detergent, wash clothes with other customers … So we are committed to cheap laundry but high quality, I am sure you will like the first time to use the service. because we have a lot of high ratings at Google and Tripadvisor

laundry hoi an vietnam

Handling fast, clean and fragrant in laundry service Hoi An

We have a process of washing and drying clothes for customers according to international standards, all materials from detergent, some softener are imported from the US. Commit your clothes always keep the fragrance gentle, elegant. Plus, the fibers from your clothes are always soft and clean.

laundry service hoi an

Delivery laundry at site in Hoi An

Laundry facilities in Hoi An are free to pick up and return your laundry to the hotel in Hoi An. You can check your clothes on the spot when our staff deliver laundry to you. So please be assured of our laundry in hoi an process.

laundry in hoi an

Laundry workshop near the Hoi An city center

Our office is located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, very convenient when you walk and visit our office to send laundry. In addition we also free delivery of your hoi an laundry service, we invest in industrial laundry machines that will help your clothes be processed more quickly.


Professional laundry service, reputation

We are proud to be the most professional laundry service in hoi an, we currently have more than 30 branches across Vietnam. Machines are invested a lot of costs to meet the laundry needs of customers

best laundry in hoi an

Money back

When you use our best laundry in hoi an and you are dissatisfied with the quality or other reason. We are willing to pay money back if that reason we consider is convincing. Depending on the stain that is already on your clothes, if we can’t handle it, the store will notify you if you should use detergent to remove it? because they are not good for the customers’ clothes


Do not lose clothes

We handle laundry more than 100 customers a day but very rarely get other customers’ clothes confused. Because we have a very professional laundry in hoi an vietnam process. First, store the information of each customer separately in a cabinet, then separate colors and white clothes separately. Finally put in the washing machine to wash.

hoi an laundry shop

Quick cleaning

Normally if you are not in a hurry, we will handle them in about 20 hours, in special cases, need folding clothes to catch up the flight. We will process within 5 hours with a little higher cost than regular washing. Ensure good quality as usual from laundry in hoi an tripadvisor.

hoi an laundry pick up

Advanced drying laundry equipment

Our hoi an laundry shop has more than 100 washing machines, high-class clothes dryers that are imported directly from big goods in the world such as LG, Samsung … Make your clothes clean, dispel the hard stains and There is a special fragrance from expensive softener. In addition, we have a process of folding clothes and packaging carefully before handing over clothes to customers.

good laundry service hoi an

Appreciate from customers

We have received many positive reviews from sites like Google, Tripadvisor. These assessments help us increasingly improve the quality of service and invest in the latest equipment to ensure better business in the future.

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