• Motorbike for sale in Hoi An with cheap price and high quality.
  • Motorbike accessories for sale (helmet, mirror) & more …
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  • Address: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An

Bike for sale

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Why choose us?

This is a reputable motorbike shop in Hoi An

We are the largest and most reputable motorcycle buying and selling store in Hoi An. If you intend to stay in Vietnam for a long time and want to travel with a motorbike, the option to buy a motorbike is a good choice instead of renting a motorbike for a short time. If you want to rent a motorbike in Hoi An the best price, you can find out more here

bike for sale hoi an


Best selling motorbikes in Hoi An

We are the largest used motorbike sale system in Hoi An, our motorcycles are well maintained before being handed over to customers. Please rest assured of the quality of motorcycles when buying at our store

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Why did you choose to buy a second-hand motorbike in Hoi An?

If you are a foreigner who has been traveling in Vietnam in general and Hoi An in particular, if you have been in Vietnam for more than 1 month to travel or work, the option to buy a used motorbike is The solution is very cost-effective, only about $ 300 that you already own a motorbike, instead if you rent a motorbike to move, the average price is already $ 150 already. These are remarkable things to explore the nooks and crannies of Hoi An. Because motorcycles are a popular means of transportation in Vietnam. So buying an old motorbike is something we have to pay attention to first.

Buy motorcycle accessories at Hoi An good prices

In addition to selling used motorbikes, we also sell motorbike accessories in Hoi An such as helmets, rearview mirrors, gloves, toys for motorcyclists. Come to our store to discover interesting things.

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Appreciate from customers

You should read the reviews of customers who have used our service before deciding to buy a used motorbike from their store. We always listen and understand from customers

how to contact with us


Please click on the link to contact us directly via Whatsapp (+84 935 439 306), we will respond in seconds.


You can contact us via email for advice and reservation. We will respond quickly – info@hoianit.com


Address in Hoi An: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An. Get direction


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