Do you want to try Hoi An Basket Boat Tour or Eco Tour & Cooking Class? Being far from the charming beauty of the ancient town, Our Eco Tour (5 km away from the center) will be your best companion to discover the peaceful beauty of Hoi An village, the famous Nipa Coconut Palm Forest. Mai – the local loves sharing all her knowledge of Hoi An locals’ daily activities, culture & cuisine. Come & experience like a local.

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  • Depart: Daily at 8:15 am and 2:15 pm
  • Duration: 4,5 to 5 hours


  • 2-way transportation (Hoi An only)
  • English-speaking guide.
  • Photos of the tour.
  • Drinks (water, coffee, juice, herbal tea,…)
  • Lunch or dinner.
  • Recipes and gifts are given.
  • Boat & bicycle fee.
  • FOC for children from 0-4 years old.
  • -50% for children from 5 – 10 years old.


  • Pick you up at your accommodation.
  • Go to the market. Enjoy the bustling market. Learn how to choose fresh ingredients & buy them for cooking class.
  • Go to Cam Thanh Eco Village. Go in a basket boat to enjoy the green & peaceful beauty of the famous Nipa Coconut Palm Forest. Take part in interesting activities such as: catching crabs, and making some lovely crafts with coconut leaves.
  • Go to our rest stop – the Eco Tour where we can enjoy a cup of coffee / fresh juice/herbal tea /fruits+ coconut cake. Have foot bathing with herbal (lemongrass, ginger…) in 15 mins.
  • Have a cooking class with the local chef within 2 hours. Mai – the chef is very friendly & enthusiastic to teach you how to cook some Vietnamese specialties and share valuable knowledge in cuisine culture.
  • Enjoy Vietnamese food made by yourself.
  • Back to your accommodation
  • End of tour.


If you love cycling, this tour is your best choice to experience the rural life & local farmers in Hoi An
on your own bikes.
Activities: Pick you up at your accommodation

  • Ride a bike through rice paddies to Cam Thanh Eco village. Meet farmers and see how to grow rice with old methods. Enjoy the fresh air. Take many beautiful photos of local people, water buffalos, and rice paddies,…
  • Go to our rest stop – The Eco Tour where we can enjoy a cup of coffee / fresh juice / herbal tea/fruits….Have foot bathing with herbal (lemongrass, ginger…)
  • Begin the cooking class within 2 hours. Mai, the local chef will guide you to cook some Vietnamese specialties
  • Enjoy your food made by yourself
  • Back to your accommodation
  • End of tour


Pick you up at your accommodation

  • Go to Cam Thanh Eco Village
  • Go in a basket boat to visit the famous Nipa Coconut Palm Forest. Take part in interesting activities such as catching crabs, and fish, and making some lovely crafts with coconut leaves.
  • Back to our rest stop – The Eco Tour where you enjoy 6 specialties of Hoi An.
  • Back to your accommodation
  • End of tour


  • Morning 5:00am – 8:00am
  • Afternoon 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
  • Pick you up at your accommodation
  • Go in a boat. Enjoy the beauty of Thu Bon banks. Along the blanks of the river get a close-up look at local fishing techniques & Vessels.
  • Enter the famous Nipa Coconut Palm Forest by basket boat. Take photos of the sun going down slowly to the palm forest (or sunrise over the tranquil water). Take part in interesting activities such as catching crabs, and making some lovely crafts with Coconut Leaves.
  • Continue to our rest stop – Eco Tour
    where we can enjoy a cup of coffee/herbal /fresh juice + fruits. Have foot bathing with herbal (ginger, lemongrass…)
  • Enjoy your breakfast or dinner (with 6 specialties of Hoi An)
  • Back to your accommodation. End of tour.

Note: The tour depends on weather conditions


menu Hoi An Basket Boat Tour Eco Tour Cooking Class
Menu of eco tour

How to book Hoi An Basket Boat Tour – Eco Tour & Cooking Class

You can contact us in many ways below:

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Tourists experience our basket boat service

Why do you try the Basket Boat Tour – Eco Tour & Cooking Class?

The Hoi An Basket Boat Tour is a unique and traditional way to explore the waterways of Hoi An, Vietnam. Participants sit in a round basket boat that is propelled by a local boatman, who uses a bamboo pole to navigate through the rivers and canals. The tour offers a peaceful and picturesque way to see the daily life of the local people and visit nearby villages, temples, and markets. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Hoi An and get a different perspective on the city.

We are the first local operations provider in Hoi An, Vietnam. We pioneered a basket boat adventure with cooking class and boating activities in the coconut forest where we lived, then we opened up the various unique local activities we mastered. Each of our trips is a special experience that other travel companies cannot provide like us because we are living and working in our country. Try each activity with us when you can visit Hoi An, Vietnam.

Basket Boat Tour, also known as Coconut Boat Tour. When you come to Hoi An, you cannot ignore the Bay Mau coconut forest. It’s a great eco spot in Hoi An. But to visit you must have a boat to see the beauty. If you don’t know where to ride a coconut boat in Hoi An, then come to us. Combined with the basket boat, we offer a basket boat tour in Hoi An to visit the Bay Mau Coconut Forest on the Thu Bon River.

Our company always tries its best to bring more emotions and the best experience for customers when using the basket boat tour service is our happiness.

Are you looking for the best Hoi An basket boat tour? Do you want to experience the tour to experience the place called “Western Rivers” right in Hoi An? If so, this is the Hoi An boat tour for you!

You will have the opportunity to visit the village of Hoi An by boat, During this trip, you will have the opportunity to experience the traditional fishing culture of Vietnam.

You will be able to make Hoi An specialties with your own hands with a cooking class in Hoi An. In Hoi An eco cooking tour program in Hoi An, you will be guided by our chef to make dishes such as Cao Lau, and Ram Cuon. After the course, you will receive recipes to take home when needed to show off your cooking skills to your loved ones.

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Customers go to the market with the guide and then hand-process them into Hoi An specialties

You have the opportunity to ride a bicycle and see the fragrant rice fields of the countryside of Cam Thanh and the river. How do you experience the living scenes of local people?

Hoi An Coconut Boat Tour, Basket Boat Tour, Cooking Lesson Tour. For only 390,000 VND, you can experience a basket boat to visit Hoi An.

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Visitors enjoy experiencing basket boats, catching crabs with fishermen

What’s a basket boat?

For generations, fishermen along the coast of Vietnam have lived with boats and fish. The fishing life is hard but full of color and love. The colors of the sea, the blue water, the clear sky, and the sunsets dye the waves and the baskets of boats dot the sand, the soul on the vast sea.

The basket boat is a rudimentary fishing tool for fishermen. No matter what region, no part of the sea. Baskets have been associated with the lives of the people in the Central region who have been clinging to the sea for a long time. Rude but close, pieces of the soul of the people of the same sea.

Using a basket boat does not require many people. Each boat out to sea can only bear the weight of one or two users. The basket boat cannot go far in the middle of the vast sea, but it is quite convenient to use it for fishing near the shore, it does not take too much effort to operate the boat, mainly catching during the day with fishermen who are used to small fishing.

If you want to take the basket boat out to sea, the basket boat is often accompanied by fishing boats. Each fishing boat is accompanied by a few basket boats. The vast ocean is bobbing with basket boats lined up to form a natural beauty with colorful dots of life.

Fishermen use basket boats the most in the South Central Coast and including Cam Thanh coconut forest. Basket boats have been around for a long time, so people are familiar with the craft and how to knit boats since childhood. But knitting basket boats is not an easy job. To knit a boat, it is necessary to have a pair of strong, skillful hands, familiar with the craft and skillful skills.

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Visitors will also be able to experience on large boats to see and take pictures along the river

Want to make basket boats, people buy bamboo. Take the bamboo brush all the green color of the outer shell, and cut it into pieces according to the predetermined size. The bamboo is further split into spokes and dried in the sun to dry the dew. But absolutely these spokes must not get caught in the rain. Rainwater is easy to break bamboo slats. The job seems simple, but it also needs to be meticulous and thoughtful to create a durable basket boat in the sun, in the rain, and in the saltiness of the sea.

In each place, people use basket boats in different ways. Some areas use basket boats to fish for squid-like Ly Son, some places use them to dive and fish on shores such as Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. But no matter how you use it, the baskets of boats peeking out in the middle of the ocean, where the mainland always carries the story of the fisherman’s life with the sea.

During the months-long offshore fishing at sea, the basket boat again shouldered the responsibility of providing food and transporting seafood back. The portable boats on the sea not only bring food and seafood but also bring family reunion moments after many days of father and brother floating at sea. A small boat with immense love.

On a free day, the basket boat returns to the vast sandy shore. The rim of the boat was silent before each wave. The boat does not go out to sea, but still keeps the heart of the sea. Boat shadows, small but typical, bold color dots of the central sea and the sea of Vietnam.

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Visitors enjoy Hoi An specialties made by themselves

Crafts in Cam Thanh coconut forest

The area of activity of bamboo and coconut profession was formerly scattered in Cam Chau, Cam Kim, and especially the Cam Thanh area of Hoi An city. But now only concentrated in Cam Thanh, mainly in the villages: Thanh Tam Dong, Thanh Tam Tay, Thanh Nhat, Con Nhan, Thanh Nhi, Vong Nhi, and a few households in Cam Chau.
These areas are located in the south, southeast of Hoi An city, in the lower Thu Bon river, and near the Cua Dai sea, so this water area is often flooded with salt water, which is the growing area of nipa palm trees. Which, Cam Thanh commune has a large area of nipa (84 hectares), a folk called a seven-acre coconut forest, distributed in villages: Thanh Tam Tay, Thanh Tam Dong, Thanh Nhat, Thanh Nhi, Van Lang. The forest is not only valuable in terms of the environment but also provides raw materials for the traditional craft of making houses out of bamboo, nipa leaves, and some other handicraft products. These are favorable terrain conditions for bamboo and nipa palm craft to form and develop.

About Bay Mau coconut forest

Address: Group 2, Can Nhan Hamlet, Cam Thanh Commune, City. Hoi An, Quang Nam Province
Opening hours: From 7:00 to 17:00 daily

Bay Mau coconut forest is also known as Cam Thanh coconut forest by locals, about 3km from Hoi An city. This is a famous eco-tourism area that gives visitors many experiences with the nature of rivers, immense coconut forests, and rustic basket boats.

According to local people, the Cam Thanh coconut forest has existed for about 200 years. At that time, migrants from the Southwest region brought nipa varieties and planted them in this area. Thanks to the combination of water and soil, the tree gradually proliferated, growing into a large forest of about 7 acres (7 ha). The name Bay Mau coconut forest also comes from that (although now the coconut forest covers an area of up to 100 hectares).

Tickets to visit Bay Mau coconut forest:
Entrance ticket price: 30,000 VND/person

Nipa coconut palm forest tour

Travel to Hoi An, in addition to choosing for yourself some beautiful and clean resorts; enjoy Hoi An specialties such as Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, and Quang Noodles; walk in the old town full of ancient and poetic features; … then you should not miss visiting the ancient ruins and famous attractions in Hoi An, including the Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest.

Why is it called “Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest”?

Bay Mau coconut forest belongs to Cam Thanh Ward, Hoi An City. In the past, this forest had an area of about 7 acres, so it was called “Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest”. Nipa coconut grows very quickly up to more than 100 hectares, but because the name Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest is so familiar to the people, the name has not changed until now.

This is also the place that used to be a revolutionary wartime base. During the war against France and the US, this was a place to help our army and people make revolutionary bases thanks to its discreet terrain and many places that are easy to hide.

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Souvenirs made of coconut leaves put on your head will make you special

What makes Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest a tourist attraction when traveling to Hoi An?

When coming to Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest, visitors will live in the western atmosphere in the middle of the central region of Vietnam. Since Cua Dai Bridge was built, visitors can stand from the bridge and zoom in on the vast green coconut forest along with the scenery of fishing gear in Cua Dai area, creating a very peaceful picture of the countryside and poetic.

This place converges what is genuine and rustic from scenes to people. Besides the beautiful picture of the countryside with the color scheme from the green coconut forest, in harmony with the blue color of the romantic Hoai River, the undulating roofs of the past houses along with the country roads with green rice fields along the road. The people here are also very gentle and hospitable. Their lives are associated with simple jobs such as planting rice, harvesting rice, cooking, fishing, etc. All blend together to create a peaceful countryside scene, making those who have set foot here will want to stay forever!

Hoi An Basket Boat Tour
Hoi An specialties are prepared according to a special recipe from our restaurant

Visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest, you will have many different choices, each choice will be an interesting experience. Let’s explore the tour programs when coming to Bay Mau Nipa Coconut Palm Forest!

  • Basket Boat Tour & Local Food
  • Countryside Tour & Cooking Class
  • Eco Tour & Cooking Class
  • Sunset or Sunrise Tour
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