You are traveling to Hoi An and find the print shop Hoi An are in need of printing photos taken at this place for souvenirs or sending these color photos to your family or relatives back home.
Color printing service for a3 and a4 paper in Hoi An meets all needs of customers from 7 am to 9 pm. You just need to send the form to us and you will receive the publication in 30 minutes.

Price list for color printing in Hoi An

A430,000 VND / 1 sheet (with frame 100,000)
A350,000 VND / 1 sheet (with frame 200,000)
Price list for professional photo printing service in Hoi An

Print shop Hoi An address

prin shop hoi an
Color printed address in Hoi An near the old town

Why do you choose our printing service in Hoi An?

Instant color printing service

Choose a reputable color printing unit, ensuring that quality is not an easy task if you are inexperienced. If you choose the wrong one, the price to pay is quite expensive. Not to mention the price of A4 color printing is expensive, but the print quality is still bad.

With advanced and modern equipment imported from Japan, it is possible to print in color the following types of paper: A3 and A4

If you want to print cheaply, with good print quality, you should not choose a small, inexperienced copier. Thus, the risk will be extremely large. Poor equipment leads to poor print quality, colors are not clear. Or with such qualifications and experience, they cannot print and bring it to us to print like that, and you have to pay a lot to print.

Fast color printing – prestige – professionalism

On the market today, there are many advertising units that print cheap A4 colors in Hoi An, but that is not the case. Therefore, many customers have to ask how much it costs to print A4 color per page (sheet) before deciding to print. Not only that, the grumpy service attitude and poor product quality. Come to us a reputable company, to ensure top quality in the field of printing and photocopying.

Advanced and modern technology, using the best A4 color printer today with beautiful laser printing. The colors are eye-catching, and harmonious, do not fade and do not smudge during use.

We print from the cheapest print shop Hoi An, work quickly without letting your work be affected, or interrupted by the company, have reasonable prices, and can deliver to the place if the customer requires it.

prin shop hoi an
Are you in need of photo printing in Hoi An?

Our A4 color printing is different from other units

The color printing service at Print Anh Khoa gives you the same price list of A4 color printing as one of the cheapest services in Hoi An. With the price of only 30,000 VND/color printed sheet, the more you print, the cheaper the price will be. With good equipment and facilities, we provide the most cost-effective service for our customers. With us, you will receive the most incentives and the most attractive gifts.

There are many different types of A4 color printing paper on the market today. This makes it difficult for customers to choose the right type of paper for their needs. Here are some suggestions of Anh Khoa Hoi An to help you find the most suitable and quality paper samples:

Sort by paper size

Color printing paper divided by paper size on the market today is divided into 2 basic types of color printing paper: A4 size and A3 size.

  • A4 color paper: Printing units often choose to print in color A4 paper because they have outstanding features such as weighing from 130gsm to 140gsm. This is a very common paper size in today’s life as well as trusted by many users, A4 printing paper size is one of the common sizes used in some cases such as Color photo printing sharp, used to print high-quality advertising brochures, catalogs, or high-end advertising designs for the company’s marketing campaigns, in addition, they are also used to print images on gift products such as mugs, t-shirts, fabrics, etc. Some large magazine or newspaper covers that require high color print quality will most likely choose a4 paper size.
  • A3 color paper: The weight of A3 color paper is usually 130 gsm. This is a paper with excellent color coverage compared to other common printing papers. With A3 color paper, we can use it in cases where we need to print documents or documents that require beautiful and accurate colors. The practical application of A3 color printing paper is used in printing advertising banners, professional posters, and media publications, as some applications in color transfer printing, quality color inkjet printing, and overflow printing with big sizes,…
prin shop hoi an
Print quickly and get it in Hoi An

Classification according to the function of the product

  • A4 color printing paper for industrial use: this color printing paper is usually rolled with width sizes of 60cm, 65cm, 85cm, 125cm, and 152cm respectively. Color printing paper used in the industry requires large quantities as well as paper quality to ensure uniformity.
  • Color printing paper for the office: to meet the printing needs of the office, a4 color paper is often used in the process of printing photos, color inkjet paper on fabric, and face color inkjet paper. matte, color inkjet paper, color printing paper for both sides of the paper, …
  • Catering to the needs of printing pictures, and hanging photos indoors or outdoors.
  • Used in personal art projects,…

What should I pay attention to when printing 1 A4 sheet in color?

Here are some notes when printing in color 1 sheet of A4 paper that you need to pay attention to:

The smoothness of A4 paper

A4 paper with high smoothness is easier to use. Because the smooth printed paper surface will help limit being stuck in the machine. The printer will also run more smoothly. The smoothness of the paper can be completely felt with the naked hand.

Besides, the finer the printed paper, the less dust it proves. If the surface of the paper is rough, the A4 paper will very easy to pick up dust. This also makes A4 paper prone to fading. A4 papers that are prone to fading are also easier to decompose, so they cannot be preserved for a long time.

Opacity is the thickness of the paper

The opacity and thickness of A4 paper can be felt with the naked eye. You just need to illuminate the printed paper under the flashlight to be able to recognize it. This method also helps users to recognize the contrast of A4 paper (A4 70 gms paper, A4 80 gms paper, A4 double A paper, yellow paper, A4 excel, A4 supreme, and A4 paper one). A4 printing paper with higher opacity will come with good quality, if the paper is too thin when printing on both sides, it will not be able to see clearly and easily smear ink causing loss of aesthetics, and difficulty to see.

The curvature of the paper

Each type of A4 printing paper has its own curvature. The curvature and stiffness of the paper are determined by the fiber content of the paper. The higher the fiber content, the stiffer the paper.

These two factors directly affect the operation of the printer as well as the effectiveness of ink contact with A4 paper. They have a huge impact on the printer’s performance. The curvature and hardness of A4 paper can be felt by the naked eye easily.

prin shop hoi an
Quality printing address in Hoi An

Why you should print A4 color digitally instead of other forms of printing

Have you heard of offset printing? Have you used offset printing to print documents yet? Offset printing is said to be very popular in the market, but digital printing has its own advantages that no other printing method can replace. In recent years, color printing has become more widely used and is gradually replacing other traditional printing methods.

With the digital printing method, you can print all different products and documents such as catalog printing, card printing, flyer printing, invoice printing, photo printing, etc. customers at a very low cost. Not only that, the color of the print is very beautiful and sharp, just like offset printing. Cheap color printing in Hoi An with fast printing speed, just need to wait a few minutes, no additional costs, non-toxic, very safe for the environment and users’ health.

Thank you for your interest in our printing service in Hoi An!

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