Hello foreign tourists, Anh Khoa will guide you to the general principles when driving a motorbike in Hoi An. To ensure your safety when driving a motorbike in Hoi An:

  • Always wear a helmet when driving a motorbike, you should wear the best quality helmet as it will ensure if an accident happens unfortunately. It costs about 300,000 VND or more
thuê xe máy tại hội an
Always wearing your helmets on the head
  • In Vietnam, you must always obey the traffic rules on the right
  • Drive slowly if you are not familiar with the road in Hoi An
  • Use horn in case: the road is hidden, crossing the road, turning the vehicle, intersection, fork … the car is very useful for you
  • Proactively give way to larger vehicles such as cars, trucks, electric cars for your safety
  • Limit night-time motorbike rides
xe hội an đà nẵng

Do not try to pass the car

  • Turn on the light signal when you want to turn left or right, be careful to watch and walk slowly before you want to turn left or right and use body language, for example, raise your hands horizontally or vertically
n xi nhan

Turn on signal lights when you want to turn

  • Please show a gentle and peaceful attitude if there is a clash with people involved in traffic. Because you are a foreigner, local people will be very sympathetic to you
  • Drinking alcohol is not allowed to drive
da uong ruou bia thi khong lai xe 1

Avoid using jacks when driving a motorbike

  • Leave your car in the right place, if you want to send your car to visit Hoi An ancient town. We provide a number of prestigious parking locations near Hoi An Ancient Town:
– 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An (See the map) – Phan Chu Trinh – Hai Ba Trung (See the map)

These are important notes when you want to drive a motorbike to travel conveniently if you are in Hoi An, we are ready to help answer the questions you ask.

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