Hoi An Full-face helmet for rent


☑️Price per a day

Anh Khoa in Hoi An does offer full-face helmet rentals for their customers. In fact, we provide helmets for all of their rental motorbikes as part of their commitment to rider safety.

When renting a motorbike from Anh Khoa, you will be provided with a full-face helmet at no extra charge. The helmet will be in good condition and properly fitted to your head size to ensure maximum safety while riding. If you have any specific concerns or requirements, you can always contact Anh Khoa directly to ask for more information about their helmets or to request a certain type of helmet, if available.

Remember that wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike is not only a legal requirement in many countries but also a crucial safety measure to protect yourself from head injuries in case of an accident. So, it’s always a good idea to wear a helmet whenever you’re riding a motorbike, regardless of the local laws or rental policies.