50cc KYMCO Like Rental


Explore the captivating town of Hoi An in Vietnam with Anh Khoa as your friendly local guide and the agile 50cc KYMCO Like scooter as your perfect travel companion. Cruise through the picturesque streets of Hoi An effortlessly, enjoying the convenience and freedom to discover hidden spots and immerse yourself in the town’s unique culture.

Anh Khoa’s passion for sustainable tourism ensures an eco-friendly adventure as you embrace the lesser-known wonders and interact with the welcoming locals. With a daily rental of just 200,000, the 50cc KYMCO Like opens up a world of exploration, allowing you to create cherished memories of Hoi An that will last a lifetime. Join Anh Khoa and experience the magic of Hoi An in the most authentic way possible with the 50cc KYMCO Like.