For those who like sweet, they will love the smell of sweet and attractive birthday cake shops in Hoi An. There are many shops selling birthday cake cakes, but not all of them are delicious, cheap and standard. That’s why you should save 3 famous Hoi An ice cream parlors that we introduce below.

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Anh Khoa Bakery – Hoi An Cake Shop

  • Office address: 84 Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An
  • Production facility: Hammock, Cam Thanh, Hoi An
  • Order cake for delivery: 0935 439 306

Anh Khoa Bakery is known as a place that sells Hoi An cream cakes for a long time and is chosen by many sweet lovers. The cakes here have the characteristic of being very delicious, each type of cake will be a unique taste and unlike anywhere else. The cake style of Anh Khoa Bakery always ensures uniqueness, sophistication, elegance and outstandingness. The cakes here are always creative in design, color, decoration, creating a new and extremely eye-catching look.

Anh Khoa is a famous Hoi An cafe and cake shop and is loved by many sweet lovers, especially young people. In addition to the traditional cream cakes, this place also offers new European-style cakes and cakes. In addition to cakes, Anh Khoa also serves coffee and fruit drinks or hot or cold teas so that you can sip cakes and tea while studying, chatting with a group of friends or watching the raindrops. It’s raining in the afternoon in Hoi An

birthday cake shops in Hoi An
Anh Khoa Birthday Cake Shop Hoi An

The most beautiful cakes from Anh Khoa Bakery

Hong Van Shop – birthday cake shops in Hoi An

  • Address: 7 Tran Cao Van Street, Hoi An
  • Order cake: 098 568 63 24

Hong Van ice cream shop is a Hoi An cake shop that always gives customers satisfaction from the cake products it brings. Here you can choose for yourself extremely attractive cakes such as tiramisu cake, salted egg sponge cake, frosting cake, egg cream cake…. Each type of cake is processed in its own way, ensuring a strange and extremely attractive taste.

Of all the delicious ice cream bakeries in Hoi An, it is impossible not to mention Hong Van Bakery. With large and small chain stores located in Hoi An city, Hong Van Bakery has attracted many young people and even families with children. Every time they come here, they always attract sweet lovers by the cakes with different flavors and different sizes, the space is quite airy, besides, Hong Van also serves dried fruits and vegetables. variety of drinks.

birthday cake shops in Hoi An
Hong Van Shop – Hoi An

The cake at Hong Van is characterized by its sweet, soft, attractive taste, etc. You can choose to order small cakes to enjoy. The cakes at Hong Van Bakery can be used with a cup of hot tea to create a more attractive and unique flavor. On Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, Hong Van Bakery always welcomes customers with the cheapest, delicious and most special cakes.

Bich Lieu Ice Cream Bakery – Hoi An Ice Cream Cake

  • Address: Tran Cao Van Street, Hoi An

One of the delicious cake shops in Hoi An is loved by many customers, especially young people. Not only attracting tourists or locals, but also because of the delicious cakes, Bich Lieu Bakery also has an impressive cake counter with a variety of cakes such as frosted cream cakes, egg cream cakes…

You will enjoy many other delicious pastries such as: green tea mousse cake, black forest cake, tiramisu cake…. In addition to cakes, Bich Lieu Bakery also serves more jam flavors. On major holidays, Bich Lieu often has many new and unique cakes with a variety of impressive designs. The cakes here are priced from 25,000 VND to 150,000 VND / piece, both delicious and cheap.

birthday cake shops in Hoi An
Bick Lieu Cake Shop

With 3 famous Hoi An ice cream parlors above, you can freely enjoy the most unique and delicious flavors. You can choose for yourself an address to taste the cake taste and check-in to your heart’s content!

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