Hair and nail care is now a popular beauty trend among women. Besides caring for the hair; owning more healthy and beautiful nails has become ‘hot’ and more interested by women. However, it is important to look for a skilled nail, best salon and price? So do not skip today’s article! We will introduce to you the top 5 best hair nail salon in Hoi An

tiệm cắt tóc Hội An

Thanh Mai – Hoi An Nail Hair Salon

Thanh Mai is definitely the first name that cannot be ignored in the list of salons in Hoi An. Because this is one of the familiar locations. And always get the love, trust service quality from women. And some reasons you should not miss Thanh Mai hair nail salon as follows:

  • Many years experience in hairdressing and nail salon. Thanh Mai Salon always catches up with new trends from abroad to serve women.
  • Class space and equipment fully, hygiene, clean.
  • The shop also has some other services such as massage, facials, lip tattoo, eyebrows tattoo …
  • Dedicated customer service staff, attentive and advisable nail hair models that suit you
    Address: 84 Phan Châu Trinh, Hội An
    Coming to Thanh Mai, you are always satisfied by the customer service here such as shuttle customers to the destination or welcome drinks. Nowhere else except Thanh Mai.

Toan Tony – Hair salon

We will introduce you a beautiful hair salon in Hoi An, which is Toan Tony. This is the address for professional hair design and care for women in Hoi An. With dedication and thoughtfulness, Toan Tony has affirmed his reputation in the market of hair art. Some advantages at this nail salon include:

  • Clean space, professional service style
  • The owner has many years of experience and good skills in nail salon.
    Address: 92 Thai Phien, Ward Minh An, Hoi An.

Phuong Phi hair salon

Wanting to own a beautiful, healthy and creative hair is often required by women when coming to Phuong Phi salon. With Phuong Phi salon, the employees here are always free to create many unique samples for customers. To assert themselves in the brand of beautiful hair salons in Hoi An today. Some reasons you should visit this salon once:

  • Professional working style, consulting and serving the needs and interests of customers
  • Hair models always update the new trend, combining many different styles.
    Address: 7 Bà Triệu, Hội An

Mai Hoi salon

You want to find yourself a hair nail salon salon address in Hoi An quality, hygienic without worrying about the price? Mai Hoi will surely make you satisfied. Owning many trendy haircuts and nail art samples, Mai Hoi has become a reliable nail salon for Hoi An women. Some features at this nail salon are as follows:

  • The dominant nail hair style is youthful but noble tone, creative with personality.
  • At Mai Hội you will receive advice about current health of hair and nails. Customers can choose their favorite model.
    Address: 106 Tran Hung Dao Hoi An.

Quang Thao hair salon

Another beautiful salon address in Hoi An is that you should try to experience Quang Thao hair salon. With skillful scissors and fresh creativity, Quang Thao always attracts customers by sophisticated, youthful and in love hair. Let’s see some advantages of Quang Thao:

  • Store style is thorough, dedicated and thoughtful in all stages of work.
  • Take care of female customers from a to z, get the trust and love of customers.
    Address: 45 Bà Triệu, Hội An.
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