What is Hue? Where should Hue travel? It is difficult to answer because there are so many tourist attractions in Hue. Talking about Hue is to mention the palaces, temples bearing the ancient breath of a glorious king’s time that everyone wants to see firsthand the vivid evidence of the last feudal dynasty. And here is the Hue travel experience by Anh Khoa Office.

Ideal time to travel to Hue

The weather in Hue is quite harsh, the summers will be very hot and sunny, in winter, the rains come very suddenly so the autumn from September to the end of November, is considered an ideal time to travel to Hue. At this time, the weather is mild, not too hot and not yet cold, cool climate convenient for sightseeing and tourism in Hue.

How to go travel Hue

You have 3 choices:

  • Opentour: Buses are a popular choice when traveling from Hoi An to Hue. You can take the car to Hoi An by high quality car of Opentour such as Sinhcf, Hanh cf… or Da Nang bus station to catch a bus going to Hue.
  • Taxi: With Hoi An – Hue route, you can use the taxi service. However, if traveling alone, the price to pay for this journey is not cheap. If you want to take a taxi, use the tax-sharing form
  • Motobike: Those who love to go on a trip, then it is great to travel by motorbike. If you follow the Hai Van Pass, you can stop at the back of the pass to admire the scenery like Lang Co, Hai Van Customs, … This will be a very interesting experience.

If you follow the Hue Tour 1 day, there will be a shuttle bus to Hue and attractions

What is Hue? Interesting sights when traveling to Hue

• Hue Citadel
The capital, the administrative and political center of the Nguyen court and the residence of the king and the royal family. Hanoi is quite large, you should take time about 1 session to explore it all.

• Thien Mu Pagoda:
Sights cannot be missed in Hue travel itinerary Built in the 1600s, Thien Mu pagoda attracts many tourists by its magnificent and magnificent stories. Here you can take a boat along the Perfume River, extremely romantic.

Hue Museum of Fine Arts:

The Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities now has 700 artifacts: rustic ceramics, glazed pottery from the Ly Dynasty to the Nguyen Dynasty. It can be said that the museum is a collection of ceramics of the Nguyen Dynasty and other countries.

• Khai Dinh mausoleum:

Khai Dinh tomb, also known as Ung Lang is the tomb of the 12th king of the Nguyen Dynasty located on the side of Chau Chu mountain (also called Chau E) outside Hue city. The main architecture of the tomb, elaborately and exquisitely. The entire interior of the palace is decorated with gilded porcelain and glass reliefs.
There are also lots of mausoleums and other fascinating places that you won’t be able to explore in one day.

What to eat in Hue?

• Hue cakes: Beo cake, filter cake, Vietnamese rice cake. Around 3 to 5 pm, in the streets, all heard the announcement of these cakes. As a habit for Hue side dishes, banh nam, banh beo … really attract tourists from all directions to Hue.
• Che: If you are a follower of sweets, you can not ignore tea when coming to Hue. Each type of tea has a unique flavor, delicate and sophisticated as the people here. There are also “advance King” teas, so why don’t we enjoy them right away.

• Hue beef noodle: Hue beef noodle is the soul of Hue cuisine, the delicious and famous of this dish is not much to discuss. But you have to enjoy it right in Hue to know all the Hue root of this Hue beef noodle soup.

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