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Traveling to Hoi An, in addition to beautiful resorts, specialty dishes, and famous places to visit such as Japanese Bridge, Old Town, Tra Que Vegetable Village, Bay Mau Coconut Forest, Thanh Ha Pottery Village,… It is impossible not to think of prestigious spa places to relax and massage after sightseeing in Hoi An.

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What makes Thanh Mai Spa one of the best spa in Hoi An?

We are always dedicated to serving our customers

Before the massage, we will let you experience a foot bath with herbs, help regulate blood and fluid circulation, relieve muscle aches after a long day of touring Hoi An ancient town, soothe nerves and especially. Especially help relieve stress.

best spa in hoi an
Thanh Mai Best Spa in Hoi An

We have a lot of choices in the spa menu

including Vietnamese Massage, Thai Massage, Hotstone, Herbal, Foot Massage, Skin Care, Body Scrub,…. All treatments are meticulously prepared with ingredients. Our professional spa team will advise you on which treatment is best for you.
After completing the massage treatments, we will help you relax with a cup of warm tea or a cup of cool water, making you feel very comfortable when traveling to Hoi An, especially choosing a spa in Hoi An.

Not only do the above reasons make Thanh Mai Spa one of the spa Hoi An, but we also always listen to customers’ opinions. We will help guests answer questions when guests ask about spa Hoi An and help guests know more interesting places when visiting Hoi An.

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Which choice is best for you when you don’t know what time of day to go to the spa?

For young people, you will love to explore famous places in Hoi An from dawn to dusk. Then after a time of sightseeing and walking in the old town, you will rest at beautiful hotels in Hoi An, then enjoy Hoi An specialties. Then the evening time will be the right time for you to rest, and relieve fatigue at Hoi An spa salons. Thanh Mai Spa we are open until 22:00 every day, so you can rest assured to book an appointment with us.

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In addition to those who like to explore Hoi An ancient town, there are also many people who like to rest and relax all day without having to be afraid of the hot summer sun or sudden rains. Then booking a spa appointment with us is the best choice. If you are afraid to walk or ride a motorbike, please contact us immediately, Thanh Mai Spa will send a car to your place to pick you up!

In addition, we also have special time slots for those who like to experience Hoi An spa. When you book a Spa appointment with us during Happy Hours, you will receive many attractive offers!

Where is Thanh Mai Spa located that many of you know?

Located right on Phan Chau Trinh street, Thanh Mai Spa is a very convenient place for customers to find a good spa in Hoi An at night. This is a road located very close to Hoi An Ancient Town, and cars are not banned (except for taxis), so after walking around the street, you can go to Thanh Mai Spa to relax and massage, helping relieve fatigue. fatigue and relieve stress.

good spa in hoi an
Thanh Mai Beauty & Spa - Best Spa in Hoi An (Top 1) 25

What spa treatments does Thanh Mai Spa have? Overall, how is each treatment performed?

First of all, Vietnamese Body Massages must be mentioned. At this choice, your body will be relaxed comfortably when our professional staff performs basic massage with massage movements and acupressure. It is a kind of gentle massage, does not use much force, creates a feeling of relaxation, and helps increase blood circulation and body circulation.

hoi an Vietnamese Body Massages
Hoi An Vietnamese Body Massages

Next is Herbal Massage. For this spa treatment, we will pre-heat the herbal bag, then apply it to the body. This is a gentle massage, creating a pleasant feeling from heat, scent, and impact.

Hoi An Herbal Massage
Hoi An Herbal Massage

Hotstone Massage is also a popular type of massage. This is a relaxing treatment using hot stones and warm oils. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, which can be deeper and stronger on request. This method helps relieve stress, promote circulation, and create positive energy in the body.

Hoi An Hotstone Massage
Hoi An Hotstone Massage

There is also Thai Massage. This is a session that focuses on stretching, pulling, and swinging movements. Our specialists will use a combination of hands, knees, shins, and feet for deep muscle compression, joint mobility, and acupressure.

hoi an thai massage
Hoi An Thai Massage

Besides Body massages, we also have Head, Back, Neck & shoulder massages. This is a focused treatment, applying massage techniques on the head and surrounding areas such as the face, neck, upper arms, and shoulders. The therapists will use gentle massage movements on these parts to stimulate the nerves, relax tense muscles, relax surface tissues and relieve stress and mental and physical matter.

You also can not help but refer to the Facial & Skin Care course at Thanh Mai Spa. In this section we have:

Facial Massage

This is a soothing facial treatment, that gently massages your face to improve skin tone, and increase skin elasticity and firmness.

Hoi An Facial Massage
Hoi An Facial Massage

Body Scrub

A special facial treatment. This procedure helps to remove the horny layer and the layer of dirt and sebum that clogs the pores remaining on the face, helping to reduce the condition of blackheads, preventing acne, brightening the skin, and reducing dark spots, and irritation. collagen proliferation. The experts will perform facial cleansing and wiping, exfoliating with specialized products, relaxing massage, then cleaning after exfoliating.

hoi an Body Scrub
Hoi An Body Scrub

For those of you who like to do intensive spa, you should choose the Spa Packages at our Thanh Mai Spa.

Package 1 includes:

  • Body Scrub
  • Full Body Massage
  • Facial Care

Package 2 includes:

  • Full body (Hotstone or Herbal)
  • Facial Care
  • Manicure, Pedicure
  • Heel care

Which place in Hoi An is famous for massage?

There is no place like Hoi An when it comes to heavenly massages and pampering spa treatments. Sure, Asia has no lack of such indulging options, but Thanh Mai Spa is the place to be if you want some rejuvenation. We have your very cheap massages at an average of 200,000VND per hour

Why is Hoi An Spa famous?

Many people believe that the health benefits from regular spa use will help reduce stress, boost energy and improve athletic performance. Massage in Hoi An uses a standard, methodical and professional route.

  • Help balance the spirit, and relieve all fatigue: massage treatments at spas will help your body relax, stay in the most comfortable state, and remove all stress in your mind effectively.
  • Improve sleep quality, help you sleep well: Using these services regularly helps you to improve your sleep difficulty, easily fall asleep, and sleep better.
  • Minimizing pain and soreness: The problems of body aches, muscle fatigue, and tendon pain are caused by pinched nerves, causing numbness and discomfort. Relaxing spa massage with acupressure will help to relax the tendons, the nerves are relaxed, and the body relieves pain.
  • Blood circulation is circulated: This method helps promote blood circulation and dilates blood capillaries under the skin. Blood is brought to the body’s cells quickly, the body becomes more comfortable and healthy.
  • Detoxify the body: Massage techniques act directly on the body, supporting the elimination of toxins and excess substances in the body. In particular, it also stimulates the purification and detoxification of the liver and kidneys inside the body to take place more effectively.
  • Release muscle tension: Tired or tight muscles for various reasons lead to discomfort or pain in various areas. The benefit of the method helps to release any tension around the painful areas, immediately improving the pain condition…
  • Good for the digestive system: The relaxing spa massage method combined with acupressure greatly supports the digestive system. Professional massage technicians who know the acupuncture points will press the right places to help increase the secretion of gastric juice and stimulate the digestive process to work better.
  • Anti-aging, firm, and smooth skin: Relaxing spa massage directly affects the skin. Therefore, helping your skin to be taken care of healthy, skin becomes firmer, preventing the aging process and the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

What is a relaxing spa massage?

This relaxing massage method is the art of applying force to the body by hand or other technique. The purpose is to help customers relax, recover and promote health, prevent disease, and cure disease. Using professional techniques combined with a peaceful space, blended with the aroma of essential oils and soothing music, you will be able to relax your whole body. This is a safe and natural way to help you get rid of stress, and depression and improve your health.

Why should you use relaxing massage spa services in Hoi An?

This method brings many different benefits to users. Therefore, you should use a spa massage to relax regularly to achieve high results. Here are some of the benefits of a relaxing massage spa

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Where is the famous spa salon in Hoi An?

Spa relaxation massage is an effective method to help us quickly dispel the fatigue of work and the chaos of today’s modern life. If you are looking for and experience relaxing spa services, come to Thanh Mai Spa & Beauty – the leader in quality and skin care services in Hoi An. Modern facilities and luxuriously designed space combined with experienced and professional staff and technicians will bring you the most satisfying service experiences.

thanh mai hoi an
  • Address: 84 Phan Chau Trinh st, Hoi An (Maps)
  • Phone: +84 935 439 306 (WA, Phone)

In addition to the above spa treatments, coming to Thanh Mai Spa – one of the best spa in Hoi An, we also have nail services and a beauty salon. With affordable prices and always putting customer criteria first. We are sure that you will be satisfied when coming to Thanh Mai Spa.

There are many quality spa places in Hoi An but you cannot miss Thanh Mai Spa. Not only located in the center of Hoi An ancient town, but Thanh Mai Spa is also known for its fully equipped facilities including foot massage chairs, and a separate and quiet body massage area with a cool air conditioning system. All are new investments. In addition, Thanh Mai Spa is the best spa in Hoi An and also has a team of professionally trained and very attentive staff.

There are many choices for you when you need to find Hoi An spa, but when you come to us, you will experience the best. After our spa treatment, surely when friends, family, or relatives ask for a good spa place in Hoi An, you will recommend Thanh Mai Spa – a spa place not to be missed when coming to Hoi An!

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