Flowers symbolize the female side but it must be a misconception; because flowers are not for anyone, flowers are a symbol of beauty, vitality and freshness; Almost flowers are a special gift to everyone. Today, flowers are used almost universally in every typical holiday; such as love flowers, thank-you flowers, sorry flowers, birthday flowers, wall flowers and condolences … The image of the expressing flowers rather than words is the gift of civilization and respect that the giver wants to send. Anh Khoa Flower Shop in Hoi An brings you the most beautiful flower bouquets; hoping to be the most perfect gift to show the sincerity of the giver.

cửa hàng hoa oải hương đẹp tại Hội An

Anh Khoa Flower Shop in Hoi An

Anh Khoa Flower Shop is located in the center of Hoi An, 84 Phan Chau Trinh; It makes you convenient to visit and wish for the gift you want to give to the enemy for each type of flower, color, quantity, flower arrangement … all have their own meanings. The gift of fresh flowers must make your opponent pay attention and understand the sincerity from you. That is why th flower shop always updates the fresh and trending to satisfy the best customers.
If you are wondering about flowers in Hoi An, the shop ensures flowers are always for you are the freshest, most beautiful and unmatchable; because the flowers are carefully selected and shipped from Da Lat. Da Lat is city of thousands of flowers and also has flowers that must be transported from abroad. Quality assurance of flowers is the top priority followed by door-to-door delivery service to ensure customers will be surprised and love the style of fresh flower shop No. 1 in Hoi An.

Flower for what

  • Happy birthday is a way to express your heart and be meaningful. Because each flower expresses different meanings and different wishe;s such as red roses express the intense desire for love and towards the enemy. Hoa Ly shows loyalty and how to peacefully love each other forever. Send a sincere apology but you do not know how to express it, Tulip sent a message for you.
  • Opening flowers are a sincere congratulation and express admiration for the owner of the opening party; which means a good meaning for future success. Opening congratulation does not need great material without delicacy, but instead let the fresh flower shop help you with a bouquet or flowerpot similar to the most wonderful way of conveying a message such as orchids messages, gerberas, sunflowers …
  • Flowers for romantic weddings, this is the flower pattern that always makes most interesting ; because not only the decorative flower baskets for the banquet table, the bride’s hand held flowers must be really meaningful. Each flower has a different meaning, it must choose the right flower that expresses the happiness of the couple and is important in accordance with the bride’s wedding dress and the wedding concept.

Ways to keep flowers longer for a long time

Flower shop still hopes the flowers of the shop will not only be beautiful in a moment, but also beautiful longer when you decorate in your home or office. Therefore, keeping fresh flowers for a long time is always a matter of many concerns.

  • First use clean water to arrange flowers, but make sure the flowers are fresh longer, you should add one of the following substances: 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 spoon of white vinegar, 1-2 spoons of bleach or 1-2 teaspoons of sugar.
  • Next you should keep fresh flowers away from the TV, electric appliances, hot and cold appliances … Avoid putting flowers in the direct sunlight of the sun, where the wind and steam hot and cold.
  • Finally, change the perfume every day in the early morning and evening, each time changing to add a catalyst to help fresh flowers as long as the instructions above. If the morning dew helps fresh flowers more vitality and long lasting.

Hoi An fresh flowers always satisfy guests and guests.

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