Schedule Hoi An to Ninh Binh by Bus

01 pm → 05 pm (Standard Bus)450.000 VND
01 pm → 05 pm (Limousine)500.000 VND
04 pm → 6 am (Bus 22 Cabin)850.000 VND
05 pm → 7 pm (Limousine)650.000 VND
09 pm → 10 am (Limousine)650.000 VND
07 pm → 8 am (Cabin)850.000 VND
11:30 pm → 01 pm (Cabin)1.050.000 VND
Unveil Tranquil Routes: Hoi An to Ninh Binh Bus Schedule
hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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If you’re planning to travel from Hoi An to Ninh Binh in Vietnam, taking a sleeper bus is an affordable and convenient option. Ninh Binh is a beautiful city known for its limestone karsts and stunning scenery, and it’s a popular destination for travelers who want to explore the natural beauty of Vietnam. Here’s everything you need to know about taking a sleeper bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh.

How to get from Hoi An to Ninh Binh by Bus

To travel from Hoi An to Ninh Binh by bus and purchase your tickets through Anh Khoa Hoi An, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Anh Khoa Hoi An: Reach out to Anh Khoa’s office or website to inquire about their bus services from Hoi An to Ninh Binh. Check for schedules, availability, and ticket prices.
  2. Ticket Purchase: Once you’ve confirmed the bus schedule and availability, proceed to purchase your tickets through Anh Khoa. They might offer online booking, phone reservations, or in-person ticket purchases at their office.
  3. Departure from Hoi An: On your travel day, head to the designated departure point in Hoi An. Anh Khoa may have specific pickup points or a central location for their buses.
  4. Bus Journey: Enjoy the scenic ride from Hoi An to Ninh Binh. The bus journey may take some time, so prepare for a comfortable trip and possibly some stops along the way.
  5. Arrival at Ninh Binh: Upon reaching Ninh Binh, the bus will stop at the designated drop-off point. From there, you can start exploring the beauty of Ninh Binh and its attractions.

Ensure you check the schedule in advance, arrive at the departure point on time, and confirm any details regarding stops or services provided during the journey with Anh Khoa’s staff for a smooth travel experience.

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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What route does the bus drop off & pick up?

Pick you up: We will pick you up at your place according to the time and date in the booking form at your hotel.


  • Vehicle, road fee, gasoline, driver
  • Meet & greet
  • Welcoming you at the door
  • Bottle water, wet tissue
  • Driver with board


  • Tour guide
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets

Cancelation policy

All cancellations incur additional fees as follows:

– More than 24 hours before departure date: No charge

– Less than 24 hours before departure or no-show: 100% service charge

Some notes when booking the bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
Hoi An to Ninh Binh Bus

here are some key notes to consider when booking a bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh:

  1. Advance Booking: It’s advisable to book your bus ticket in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or holidays. This ensures seat availability and avoids last-minute rush.
  2. Schedule Confirmation: Double-check the bus schedule, departure times, and pickup points provided by Anh Khoa Hoi An. Ensure you know the exact departure location and time to avoid missing the bus.
  3. Ticket Price and Inclusions: Verify the ticket price and what’s included in it. Some services may offer additional amenities or services, so understanding what’s covered in your ticket is essential.
  4. Luggage Allowance: Understand the policy regarding the amount and size of baggage allowed on the bus. This information will help you pack accordingly.
  5. Comfort and Amenities: Inquire about the bus’s facilities, such as air conditioning, restroom availability, and any other amenities provided during the journey.
  6. Duration and Stops: Get an idea of the approximate travel duration and any planned stops along the way. This information helps in planning breaks or activities during the journey.
  7. Cancellation Policy: Understand the cancellation and refund policy in case your plans change unexpectedly. It’s essential to know if there are any fees or restrictions related to cancellations.
  8. Contact Information: Save the contact details of Anh Khoa Hoi An’s office or customer service in case you need to reach them for inquiries or updates regarding your booking.

By keeping these notes in mind and ensuring clear communication with Anh Khoa Hoi An, you can enhance your travel experience and make the most out of your journey from Hoi An to Ninh Binh by bus.

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Tips for Traveling by Bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh

here are some helpful tips for traveling by bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh:

  1. Book in Advance: Secure your bus tickets early, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability and potentially get better seat options.
  2. Check the Schedule: Confirm the departure times and pick-up locations in Hoi An provided by the bus service to avoid missing the bus. Arrive at the pick-up point a little earlier than the scheduled time.
  3. Comfort Essentials: Pack essentials for a comfortable journey such as water, snacks, a neck pillow, a light blanket, and entertainment (books, music, etc.).
  4. Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for a long bus ride. Consider carrying a light jacket or sweater as buses might have varying temperatures.
  5. Luggage: Comply with the luggage allowance specified by the bus service. Pack a small bag with essentials as larger luggage might be stored separately.
  6. Entertainment and Electronics: Bring headphones, chargers, and any electronic devices you may want during the journey.
  7. Stay Alert: Keep your belongings secure and stay attentive at stops or during breaks. Be mindful of your surroundings.
  8. Travel Essentials: Carry important travel documents, such as identification and reservation details, in an easily accessible place.
  9. Stretch Breaks: During breaks, take the opportunity to stretch your legs, use restroom facilities, and grab refreshments.
  10. Respect Others: Be considerate of other passengers by keeping noise levels down and following bus etiquette.
  11. Enjoy the Scenery: Bus journeys often offer scenic views. Take the chance to appreciate the landscapes and beauty along the route.

Following these tips can help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable bus journey from Hoi An to Ninh Binh.

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
Hoi An to Ninh Binh Bus

Why choose the bus service from Hoi An to Anh Khoa Hoi An company?

Choosing the bus service offered by Anh Khoa Hoi An Bus for your journey from Hoi An provides several advantages:

  1. Reliability: Anh Khoa Hoi An is known for reliable transportation services, often maintaining punctuality and adherence to schedules.
  2. Comfortable Travel: Their buses may offer comfortable seating, air conditioning, and other amenities for a pleasant journey.
  3. Safety Priority: Reputable companies prioritize passenger safety. Anh Khoa Hoi An might adhere to safety protocols, ensuring a secure travel experience.
  4. Experienced Staff: Their staff may possess local knowledge and experience, offering insights and assistance throughout the journey.
  5. Convenient Services: Anh Khoa Hoi An might provide various booking options, including online reservations or in-person booking at their office, making it convenient for travelers.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Ticket prices may be competitive, offering value for money concerning the service and facilities provided.
  7. Scenic Routes: Bus journeys often offer picturesque routes. Traveling with Anh Khoa Hoi An might allow you to enjoy beautiful landscapes during the trip.
  8. Flexible Options: They might offer different schedules, allowing passengers to choose a departure time that aligns with their itinerary.

Before choosing any service, it’s advisable to verify these factors directly with Anh Khoa Hoi An or through reviews and recommendations to ensure they meet your preferences and expectations for the journey.

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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When should you book the bus to transfer from Hoi An to Ninh Binh?

To secure your preferred seats and ensure a smooth transfer from Hoi An to Ninh Binh by bus, it’s recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, weekends, or holidays. Here’s a guideline:

  1. Advance Booking: Try to book your bus tickets at least a few days to a week ahead of your intended travel date. This ensures availability and offers a better chance of getting seats on your desired bus.
  2. Peak Seasons: During peak travel seasons or holidays, such as Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) or major festivals, buses can get fully booked quickly. Hence, booking several weeks in advance is advisable.
  3. Weekends and Holidays: If you’re planning to travel during weekends or public holidays, bus services might experience higher demand. Booking ahead ensures you have secured seats.
  4. Flexible Schedule: If you have a fixed travel schedule, booking early allows you to choose from various departure times, ensuring it aligns with your itinerary.
  5. Last-Minute Consideration: While booking in advance is recommended, last-minute tickets might be available. However, it’s riskier as seats may be limited or unavailable.
hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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By booking your bus tickets from Hoi An to Ninh Binh in advance, you increase your chances of getting preferred seats and ensure a hassle-free journey without the worry of sold-out buses or limited options.

What types of bus do we provide to see you off from Hoi An to Ninh Binh?

Type of Car:Standard Bus, Limousine, Cabin

Information about Ninh Binh

Referring to Ninh Binh, many people will immediately think of famous tourist destinations such as Trang An, Hoa Lu, Tam Coc Bich Dong… Now let’s join Anh Khoa Travel to full list “all” attractive tourist attractions. The best in this ancient capital.

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

Trang An tourist area is the most famous tourist destination of Ninh Binh today. With beautiful unspoiled natural scenery, Trang An Ninh Binh has been recognized by Unesco as a natural heritage and a world cultural heritage.

The scenery here is made up of winding rivers flowing through limestone mountains, creating countless magical and mysterious natural caves that attract visitors. To explore Trang An, visitors will be sitting on a boat to admire the surrounding mountain nature.

Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Tam Coc-Bich Dong is a familiar destination that tourists definitely cannot ignore when coming to Ninh Binh. Visiting Tam Coc, you will be sitting on a boat, down the poetic Ngo Dong River watching the overlapping mountains and iridescent golden rice fields. The poetic scenery here will surely captivate any visitor. The ferry ticket price is 150K Vietnam Đồng to carry 4 people.

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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In addition, visitors can also visit Bich Dong, including a dry cave in the middle of the mountain and a water cave. On the mountain, there is Bich Dong Pagoda, an ancient temple stretching over 3 floors of the mountain, where visitors from all over the world come to burn incense and pray. The entrance ticket price is 120K Vietnam Đồng per adult and 60,000 Vietnam Đồng per child.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Hoa Lu ancient capital is located in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, which is a particularly important national relic complex of Vietnam. This relic includes King Dinh Temple, King Le Temple, and many other works. Currently, Hoa Lu ancient capital is a favorite destination of many tourists, especially those who want to learn about history as well as go to a ceremony to pray for good luck

Mua Cave
Mua Cave, located at the foot of Mua Mountain, is a tourist destination in the tourist complex of Khe Dau Ha village, Ninh Xuan commune. Although not as famous as many other scenic spots in Ninh Binh, Mua Cave has won the hearts of many tourists because of its beautiful natural scenery as well as the space here that is not jostled or crowded like other places. other famous spots.

From the bottom of the mountain, you can see the stairs extending to the top of the mountain, looking like a miniature Great Wall. Reaching the top of Mua mountain, you will be able to see the view of ripe rice fields as if they were miniature insight, and rowing boats floating on the water.

Bai Dinh Pagoda
Located 15km from Ninh Binh City, Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest temple complex in Vietnam with many records that have been established as the largest Dai Hong in Vietnam; owns the tallest and heaviest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam; is the temple with the largest set of three statues in Vietnam; The temple has the largest well in Vietnam as well as the most stone statues of arhats in Vietnam.

hoi an to ninh binh sleeper bus
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This is a pilgrimage destination for tourists who have the heart to worship and prostrate. The scenery is like a fairyland of Bai Dinh Pagoda, making anyone who comes here feel the purity and peace of the space.

Am Tien Cave – “Excellent love cup in Ninh Binh”

As a national monument located in the Hoa Lu national relic complex, Am Tien Cave is a destination that visitors cannot ignore if they want to enjoy the peaceful and poetic natural scenery. Because of its unspoiled beauty, separate from the outside world, this place is also called by young people the name “Excellent Love Cup“.

Everything here has a slightly melancholy nuance, tinged with time and beautiful scenery like a place of paradise, which will give visitors a different feeling compared to other landscapes in Ninh Binh. Tickets to visit Am Tien cave are 20K Vietnam Dong per 1 person.

Thung Nham Bird Garden

Thung Nham Bird Park is one of the most attractive places in Ninh Binh, a place full of cultural and spiritual factors as well as a biodiversity landscape. Surrounded by tropical forests on limestone mountains, with many caves and valleys blending with the nature of trees and flowers.

In particular, you will also discover the life of nearly 40 species of birds with the number of up to 50,000 birds. Every sunset, you will see flocks of white storks flying all over the wetland, creating an amazing wild beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.

Van Long Lagoon
A charming eco-tourism area with poetic clouds, as famous as Tam Coc- – Bich Dong, is Van Long Lagoon. The lagoon has an area of 3000ha, and is the largest wetland nature reserve in the Northern Delta.

When traveling on a boat on the lagoon, visitors will see the water surface as flat as a giant mirror. Therefore, this place is also known as “the bay without waves”. Going down the small leaf boat, around you is a vast swamp of water, birds, langurs, and limestone mountains with the shapes of the name like Meo Rao Mountain, Mam Xoi Mountain, Hom Book Mountain, and Co Mountain. Fairy… The poetic natural scenery here makes anyone fall in love.

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Cuc Phuong National Park
Cuc Phuong National Park has a total area of 25,000 hectares, and is a famous tourist destination for ecology and environment, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Visitors here will be able to explore the rich flora and fauna, admire the beautiful natural landscape, and participate in programs of eco-tourism, resort, campfire, adventure, research, and historical culture.

Phat Diem Church
Phat Diem Cathedral (commonly known as Phat Diem Stone Church) is a Catholic church complex of about 22 hectares, located in Phat Diem town, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. Phat Diem stone church is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful churches, considered the “catholic capital” of Vietnam.

Phat Diem Church was built entirely of stone and wood, started construction, and was completed from 1875 to 1898. Although it is a Catholic church, it is modeled after the architectural features of traditional Vietnamese temples and pagodas. Nam creates a unique feature that no other church has.

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How long does it take from our place in Hoi An to Ninh Binh?

The bus from Hoi An to Ninh Binh by Bus takes about 15hrs (699km)

Does the bus stop on the road?

Our driver will stop for you to rest, eat and use the toilet at many stations on the way from Hoi An to Ninh Binh

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