The reality show “Memories of the Memory of Hoi An” returns on 1/6 with two performances, attracting 6,500 spectators.

After a pause in welcoming visitors to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, the show reopened at the Impressive Hoi An Park. Each stage’s performance is filled with 3,300 seats. The audience enjoyed the cultural and historical performance of Faifo – Hoi An for 400 years. In addition, the park also offers many interesting repertoires for children on 1/6 International Children’s Day

ký ức hội an
The 3,300-seat grandstand of Hoi An Memories show has no vacancies with 2 shows in one night.

Ms. Thao Phuong, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, shared a memorial show called Memories of Hoi An with a unique content that recreates the culture and history of an area of integration hundreds of years ago with the quality of art and sound. good morning.

Actor Tran Hang, after more than 3 hours of sharing, said: “Before the show, I hope that the audience will come to see it, but I do not think both shows will be full in the stands like that. Thank the audience and look forward to continuing. donate”.

ky uc hoi an 2
Actress Tran Hang on the long-dress girl on the loom shines at the end of the show, Memories of Hoi An.

According to Ms. Vu Thi Phuong, General Director of Gami Hospitality, the management unit of Hoi An Impressive Park, the organizers took the initiative to welcome visitors on the day of reopening. However, the audience came unexpectedly.

“The performance of two shows in an unprecedented night after two years of our activities. Perhaps, with the love of Hoi An, the investment in different tourism products, with high experience value for visitors has contributed. the most effective part of protecting indigenous cultural values: Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, everything is changing, but the community values and the mission of bringing Vietnamese culture to the global memory of Hoi An Memories remain unchanged, “said Vu Thi Phuong.

ky uc hoi an 3
Hoi An Impressive Park lights up again with the Hoi An Memories Scene Art Program.

Hoi An has gradually returned to the pace of life and welcomed visitors like before. Hoi An Impressive Park with a real performance of Memories of Memories of Hoi An is also glowing again. Hoi An Impressive Park expects that the increasingly differentiated and creative will contribute to locating and refreshing the Central tourism market when it has been greatly reduced during the epidemic.

From June to September, the promotion program “Safe Hoi An, Bright Park” offers a 30% discount on the ticket price of the Hoi An Memories show for all Vietnamese tourists.
Hoi An Impressive Park is also available every Friday and Saturday:

  • Free entrance fee to Hoi An Impressive Park
  • Free tickets to the program Hoi An Memories for children under 1.4m
  • The ticket price for the “Memory of Hoi An” program for all Vietnamese tourists is reduced to VND 400,000
  • The price of Hoi An Memories show ticket for Quang Nam, Da Nang, Thua Thien – Hue when being reduced to 300,000 VND – Gifting a special Hoi An culinary voucher at Vietnam Village for some ticket classes.
    Hotline contact details: 0935 439 306 and website.
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