About Hoi An lanterns

Hoi An lanterns are considered by everyone as the soul of the peaceful and poetic land of Hoi An Ancient Town.

With the desire to contribute its small part in widely promoting the cultural beauty of Hoi An in particular and Vietnam in general through the products of handicraft lanterns, Anh Khoa Hoi An provides to Customers from all over the world, lamp products are diverse in designs, styles and bold characteristics of Hoi An Ancient Town.
Our company’s products include two main lines:

– Traditional lanterns

– Wooden lamp

With skillful hands and the great creativity of skilled craftsmen with many years of experience, we believe that Anh Khoa – Hoi An products will be valuable souvenirs for family and friends. , or as a unique decoration for your beloved home, facility, office, hotel, restaurant, cafe, or milk tea… with extremely cheap Hoi An lantern prices.

Come to Anh Khoa – Hoi An to be immersed in the space of lanterns full of the quintessential identity of the Old Town.

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Round lantern

Garlic lantern

Diamond Lantern

Wooden lantern

Zongzi lantern

Na lantern

UFO lantern

Umbrella lantern

Papaya lantern

Cylinder lantern


Our lantern facility has been operating in the field of manufacturing and processing Hoi An lanterns for more than 20 years, bringing high-quality lanterns to the domestic market and exporting to European and American countries. . In addition, our company has many representative branches in provinces such as Da Nang, Hanoi, and Saigon.


Lantern factory No. 1 in Hoi An

– Our lantern base has been operating in the field of manufacturing and processing Hoi An lanterns for more than 20 years, bringing high-quality lanterns to the domestic market and exporting to European and European countries. America. In addition, our company has many representative branches in provinces such as Da Nang, Hanoi, and Saigon.

All lanterns are handmade

– All of our Hoi An lantern products are made by skilled hands with more than 20 years of experience in lantern making, from the process of sharpening the bamboo to make the ribs to choosing the fabric to glue the colorful lanterns. shimmering.
– In addition, we also hand-painted on the plain cloth lantern the image of Chua Cau, Vietnam’s scenic spots, and logos at the request of customers. Hoi An lanterns with logos add to the brand value when you decorate them at your establishment, hotel, restaurant, etc. Customers will remember our brand more than ever.

Hoi An lanterns wholesale price

– Because it is a large lantern production facility in Hoi An, the quantity and quality are very much. Therefore, the lantern products we bring to the market are often very cheap compared to dealers. We provide decorative fabric lights, wooden lamps, and iron lamps fabric lanterns are loved by consumers who buy the most because fabric lanterns are cheap, light, and pretty. If you need advice to buy lanterns for home decoration, please contact us to order, where we are cheaper. You can completely refer to the price of Hoi An decorative lanterns in other places to know that our prices are always competitive and reasonable.

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Super quality Hoi An lanterns

– You are holding in hand the lanterns we carefully selected before reaching your hand, from making the ribs to choosing the right fabric. To deliver the best quality products to consumers. If the product is defective, we will exchange it or refund it immediately.


Lanterns appeared in Hoi An around the end of the 16th century when the first Chinese came to Hoi An to trade and settle down. Up to now, lantern-making in Hoi An has been 400 years old.

The person with the first merit in reviving the lantern was artist Huynh Van Ba. He was the first to restore and reshape the lantern, which is today’s cloth-covered bamboo-frame lantern. His talent was noticed by the Japanese, and he was the first Hoi An lantern craftsman invited by the Japanese government to introduce how to make lanterns.

In Hoi An, there are now 32 establishments making and selling lanterns, Hoi An lanterns are exported to European and American countries. Among them, Anh Khoa lantern production facility is a large lantern production facility in Hoi An.

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Traditional lanterns are one of the unique products of Hoi An – a world cultural heritage.

Hoi An has countless shops selling lanterns as souvenirs. Depending on the material of the fabric, the lamp gives different types of light. It can be a lucky red, a cheerful yellow, a beautiful brocade or a sweet blue.

The most special is the centuries-old lanterns being preserved by long-standing families here and only displayed on the night of the lantern festival. These lamps are made from precious wood, intricately carved, and on each glass is a real work of painting.

Famous fairy tales are painted on glass by ancient artisans, vivid and perfect like an expensive painting. Every time it shines, the scene of white clouds, blue sky, or blue water will continuously rotate, casting shadows on the glass.

The product “Hoi An lantern” has been standardized by the Quang Nam Department of Standards – Metrology and Quality with 9 designs including round, octagonal, hexagonal, pumpkin, garlic, and barrel-shaped lamps. , papaya shape, cake shape, umbrella shape… In addition, there are also lanterns pulling troops, dragons, and fish shapes with all colors.

Lantern making process

The process of making lanterns is divided into two main stages: making bamboo frames and wrapping cloth.

Bamboo must first be thoroughly soaked for 10 days with salt water to avoid termites, then dried, split, and sharpened into thin spokes depending on the size of each lamp. The spokes are attached to 2 wooden rings at both ends, then connected by parachute ropes. Finally, the craftsman will manually edit to have a symmetrical light frame.

The fabric covered with the lamp is usually a colorful cloth or silk fabric, which is tough so that it won’t tear when stretched. The fabric is first cut into pieces depending on the size of the lamp, then glued and glued to the lamp frame. When stretching the fabric requires the worker to be extremely skillful in tensioning the angle in the curved segments. After gluing the fabric, the craftsman will use scissors to trim it and then use the handle to attach it to the lamp frame. The lamp holder is made of rayon thread attached to a wooden marble. It took 4 days from the time of knitting to the completion of 2 lanterns plus 3 painting and decorating works.

Hoi An lanterns today are researched and produced by artisans who can be folded, and small to carry away. According to the people of Hoi An, the first person to research the foldable lantern was artist Huynh Van Ba.


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The production process of lanterns, decorative lights, and other products of Anh Khoa Hoi An company:

Importing materials – processing raw materials (sharpening, making frames) – termite treatment – processing (painting accessories, light holders, frames …) – assembling materials – decorating motifs (embroidery, painting, etc.) or printing the texture on the fabric according to the customer’s request) – Paste the fabric – Finished product.

All these stages are meticulously handcrafted under the talented hands of the company’s craftsmen. Therefore, in order to ensure the best production time, progress as well as products, we hope that customers place an order to ensure the company’s schedule as follows:

  • Depending on the number of your goods, the type of lamp, and the requirements for fabric samples, colors, and textures, the minimum production time is 4-6 days.
  • For urgent orders in 2-3 days, you must accept according to the default form available in the company’s warehouse, Or if according to your product requirements, the product cost = the actual price on the company website multiplied by a factor of 1.2 (the reason for paying overtime and prioritizing orders). But also depending on how the order requires the product, the company will consider whether to handle it for you or not.
  • For orders in remote areas: Delivery time = production time + shipping time (24h -36h)



If you agree to order from the factory, we will follow the following process:

– Customers deposit from 30% to 50% of the goods, fill in your information in the order.

– Anh Khoa Hoi An Company will make confirmation orders and notify you of the delivery time for each area.

– Customers check the goods and pay the remaining 50-70% of the remaining goods.


If you agree to order from the factory, we will follow the following process:

– Customers deposit 100% of the goods, fill in their information in the order

– The company will confirm the order and notify you of the delivery time for each area.

  • Customers receive goods.


– For defective lanterns, we will refund or exchange them immediately without you having to pay a fee at all.




Anh-Khoa Hoi An would like to guide you to open the lantern, not everyone knows. If anyone has never opened Hoi An lanterns, it must be difficult to open. The lamp is cleverly opened and requires the user to know a little about the structure of the lantern, and be a little stylish and confident when opening this type of product.

Hoi An lantern is known as a traditional model made from a bamboo frame covered with silk cloth. The original of this type of lantern could not be folded because the bamboo slats were plugged directly into the wooden ends that are still found in small lamps (10cm or mini lamps). Later, due to the customer’s moving, it was not possible to carry the light far away, so the improved lamp could be folded.
In terms of structure, it is not difficult to see that this is a lamp that is arranged vertically with the fixed part being a steel frame inserted into 2 grooves created opposite each other on a round wooden circle.
When holding the light up, the first feeling is that you want to pull this steel frame bar to get into the 2 wooden slots above. But in doing so, the tension when pulling will be uneven on the frame, leading to the when it enters the joint, the lamp is deformed and you also spend a lot of effort when you have to exercise on a small steel thread.

Open Hoi An lanterns properly

Come on, start opening Hoi An lanterns:
Notice that there are 2 small grooves on the upper wooden circle, in the middle is a steel bar. You let the light vertically so that the light is perpendicular to a certain plane. You can also put the lamp in a round hole or put the lamp on the carpet to prevent slipping when opening. Start using 2 index fingers and thumbs of both hands to press evenly on the wooden ring. Note, there are many cases where the inner steel bar is deflected to one side, preventing you from pressing down. It’s okay, you just drag it to the center and start pressing down. The steel rod will automatically slide into the groove. When you press the steel bar down a few times, you will feel lighter as the bamboo frame begins to soften and stretch. This is quite important when you open large lamps (over 80cm). This is the time to decide whether you can open the lantern or not. When the wooden circle slides along the steel frame down to the bent steel part (also known as the steel ledge). Your two thumbs will tend to go down first because your two toes are stronger, so you can feel the wood ring leaning towards you. Don’t worry, because at this point the bent steel will fit into the slot closest to the two thumbs. After the lamp has passed through a slot already. The lamp is in a precarious position. At this point, you release the light. Rotate 180 degrees so that the steel part has not entered the slot towards you, the two thumbs are now placed on either side of the wooden slot the steel bar has not entered. Press the two thumbs down. At this point, the 2nd slot will enter. Hoi An lanterns are ready for you to decorate. Hang the lanterns. Put the lights back:
It’s not difficult when you know how to open the lights, arranging the lights requires you to be careful. Otherwise, the hand will be stuck:
Take the 2 handles to grab the upper wooden ring of the lamp so that the thumb is near the side where you hold the groove of one slot, and the index finger is opposite in the other slot. Bring your index finger to the upper part of the steel bar. Healthy people can use one finger. For women, both index fingers should be used to reach this steel bar. Pull the index finger strongly (squeeze) to the inside of the wooden ring. The steel bar will slide down by itself when the steel edge has passed through the wooden slot. Turn 180 degrees, and repeat step 3 with the remaining slot. The lamp has been folded. Be gentle when squeezing the bent bamboo to straighten it. Put it in a bag to preserve the lamp. About storage:
Please note that those who are traveling far away should keep the lamp in their bag of the lamp even if they leave the light with other types of luggage. You can ask the salesperson to give you a moisture-proof bag when traveling or sending in a car or train. (Hoang Le products are always ready to give you a moisture-proof package when you need to take it away)
When you no longer need to hang the lights, put them in the included bag to store the lights. Lamps should not be left in close contact with wet environments or in direct sunlight unless your lights are ordered for inclement weather.
The use of fabric lights under strong sunlight or high temperatures may cause the lights to fade quickly. Should choose colors with cool tones when used for rooms in the direction of a lot of sunlight will help keep the lights fresh longer.
Hoi An lanterns are lamps made of natural materials from bamboo and woven silk. So it can be seen that this is a fairly friendly lamp in terms of human contact. But it is also because of this that Hoi An lanterns must be stored in cool, dry places with the least amount of collision.
Wishing you more joy in life with a beautiful lantern, natural rustic and nostalgic mixed with contemporary – Hoi An lantern, which has traveled the world.


Hoi An Lantern Festival is held in Hoi An ancient town on the 14th day of the lunar calendar every month and becomes even more beautiful and sparkling on the full moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the day of the festival, Hoi An people will turn off all the electric lights and hang lanterns that are brightly and colorfully painted by creative lantern artists to illuminate the entire old town. On the night of the lantern festival to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival, the ancient town of Hoi An seems to become brighter and more sparkling than usual in bright reds, soft yellows, etc. emanating from beautiful lanterns from all over the streets. pretty small.

Every year the Lantern Festival in Hoi An is held on November 28, on the occasion of Hoi An Lantern Festival you will admire the super large lanterns displayed along the old town, in addition, you can see on the road paintings displayed on Hoi An paintings, you can easily find them to take souvenir photos to post on social networks immediately.

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Talk about hoi an ancient town, everyone talks about Hoi An lanterns, bought by tourists as gifts. If you are not in Hoi An but really want to buy them, it is very possible. You just need to contact us, the beautiful lanterns will be shipped to you anywhere in the world

Anh Khoa Hoi An Company
– Address: 84 Phan Chau Trinh St, Hoi An, Vietnam

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