Price list transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi transfer by Bus

8 am → 5 pm (Standard Bus)450.000 VND
Bus Transfer Price List: Hoi An to Dong Hoi Routes
hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 11

Exploring Central Vietnam: Taking a Standard Bus from Hoi An to Dong Hoi with Anh Khoa Bus Agency

Central Vietnam beckons with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and historical sites. Traveling from the charming town of Hoi An to the coastal city of Dong Hoi offers a picturesque journey and the chance to explore more of this captivating region. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to make this trip, the Anh Khoa Bus Agency provides a reliable standard bus service between these two destinations.

The Route: Hoi An to Dong Hoi by Bus

The journey from Hoi An to Dong Hoi by bus is an adventure in itself. Anh Khoa Bus Agency operates a regular service that connects these two locales. The route typically winds through the scenic landscapes of central Vietnam, passing by towns, rice paddies, and glimpses of local life along the way.

hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 12

Why Choose Anh Khoa Bus Agency?

1. Reliable Service: Anh Khoa Bus Agency is known for its dependable service, ensuring timely departures and arrivals, making your travel experience smoother.

2. Comfortable Ride: Though categorized as a standard bus, their vehicles often provide comfortable seating and amenities for a pleasant journey.

3. Affordability: The agency offers competitive pricing, catering to budget travelers without compromising on service quality.

4. Regular Schedules: With regular departures, travelers have flexibility in choosing a convenient time for their trip.

Booking and Ticketing

Booking a bus ticket from Hoi An to Dong Hoi with Anh Khoa Bus Agency is straightforward. Travelers can visit their office in Hoi An or make reservations online through their website or various travel platforms. It’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your seat.

hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 13

Practical Tips for the Journey

  • Departure Point: Ensure you know the exact departure point in Hoi An, and arrive a little early to avoid any rush.
  • Comfort Items: Carry essentials for the journey like water, snacks, and a light jacket as temperatures might vary.
  • Seating Preference: If you have a seating preference, it’s good to arrive early to secure your preferred spot.

Exploring the journey from Hoi An to Dong Hoi by standard bus with Anh Khoa Bus Agency offers not only an economical option but also a chance to soak in the beauty of Vietnam’s central region. Whether you’re an adventurer or a budget-conscious traveler, this bus ride provides a unique experience, revealing the cultural richness and natural beauty of the area.

Consider Anh Khoa Hoi An Bus for a reliable and comfortable journey, and get ready to create lasting memories as you traverse through the heart of Vietnam’s stunning landscapes.

What route does the bus drop off & pick up?

Pick you up: We will pick you up at your place according to the time and date in the booking form at your hotel.


  • Vehicle, road fee, gasoline, driver
  • Meet & greet
  • Welcoming you at the door
  • Bottle water, wet tissue
  • Driver with board


  • Tour guide
  • Additional Services
  • Insurance
  • Drink
  • Tickets
hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 14

Cancelation policy

All cancellations incur additional fees as follows:

– More than 24 hours before departure date: No charge

– Less than 24 hours before departure or no-show: 100% service charge

The process of booking the bus from Hoi An to Quang Binh

To book your bus tickets from Hoi An to Quang Binh with us at Anh Khoa Bus Ticket Agency, you have two convenient options:

  1. Booking Form: Simply fill out our booking form available on our website or at our office. Provide us with your name, contact details, travel date, the number of tickets required, and any seating preferences you may have. This helps us ensure a smooth booking process for you.
  2. WhatsApp: Reach out to us via WhatsApp at 0935439306. Send us a message with your intent to book tickets for the Hoi An to Quang Binh route. We’ll guide you through the process and assist with any information you need.

We strive to make your booking experience hassle-free. Feel free to ask us about ticket prices, departure timings, or any other details you require before confirming your journey. We look forward to assisting you

Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 15

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Some notes when booking the bus from Hoi An to Quang Binh

When booking a bus from Hoi An to Quang Binh, here are some essential notes to consider:

  1. Booking in Advance: It’s advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or holidays when buses might fill up quickly.
  2. Preferred Seating: If you have any seating preferences, such as window seats or specific rows, make sure to request them during the booking process. However, seat availability might depend on the bus’s configuration and availability.
  3. Confirmation: Always confirm your travel details, including the date, time, and departure location, to avoid any misunderstandings.
  4. Ticket Prices: Inquire about the ticket prices beforehand. Sometimes, there might be promotional fares or discounts available for early bookings or certain groups.
  5. Departure Point: Ensure you know the exact departure point in Hoi An and the arrival location in Quang Binh. Double-check the addresses and any specific instructions provided by the bus agency.
  6. Luggage Allowance: Understand the luggage allowance policy. Some buses have restrictions on the size and weight of luggage allowed onboard.
  7. Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the departure point early to avoid any last-minute rush or potential delays.
  8. Contact Information: Keep the bus agency’s contact information handy in case you need to reach out for any updates or assistance during your journey.
  9. Comfort and Amenities: Inquire about the bus amenities, such as onboard facilities, rest stops, and the overall comfort level provided during the journey.
  10. Weather Consideration: If traveling during certain seasons where weather conditions might impact travel, stay updated on any advisories or changes in the schedule.
hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 16

By considering these notes, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable bus journey from Hoi An to Quang Binh.

Why choose the bus service from Hoi An to Dong Hoi of Anh Khoa Hoi An company?

Choosing the bus service from Hoi An to Dong Hoi offered by Anh Khoa Hoi An company might have several advantages:

  1. Reliability: Anh Khoa Hoi An company may have a reputation for reliability, punctuality, and adherence to schedules, ensuring you reach your destination on time.
  2. Comfortable Travel: They might offer comfortable buses equipped with amenities like air conditioning, comfortable seating, and possibly onboard entertainment to make your journey more enjoyable.
  3. Experienced Drivers: The company might employ experienced and skilled drivers, prioritizing passenger safety and ensuring a smooth journey.
  4. Convenience: They might offer multiple departure times, giving you flexibility in choosing a schedule that fits your itinerary.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Anh Khoa Hoi An company might offer competitive prices for their bus services, making it an economical choice for travelers.
  6. Direct Service: Their bus route from Hoi An to Dong Hoi might be a direct service without multiple stops, reducing travel time and inconvenience.
  7. Customer Service: They may provide excellent customer service, addressing any concerns or queries promptly, both during the booking process and throughout your journey.
hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 17

When considering a bus service, it’s beneficial to look at reviews from past customers, inquire about specific amenities or services offered, and compare prices and schedules with other available options to ensure it align with your preferences and travel needs.

When should you book the bus to transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi?

Booking the bus from Hoi An to Dong Hoi depends on a few factors:

  1. Peak Seasons: During peak tourist seasons or holidays, buses tend to fill up quickly. In such cases, it’s advisable to book tickets well in advance, possibly a few days or even weeks before your intended travel date to secure your seats.
  2. Regular Travel Periods: For regular travel periods, booking a few days in advance should typically suffice. Aim to book at least a day or two before your travel date to ensure availability, especially if you have specific time preferences.
  3. Last-Minute Travel: If you have flexibility in your schedule or are comfortable with any departure time, you might find available seats even on the day of travel. However, this might be riskier during peak seasons or if you have a strict schedule to follow.
  4. Bus Company Policies: Some bus companies might have different policies regarding booking lead times. It’s a good idea to check with Anh Khoa Hoi An company about their recommendations for booking in advance.

Generally, the earlier you book your bus tickets, the more likely you are to secure seats and possibly benefit from any early booking discounts. If you have specific travel dates or preferences, it’s safer to book earlier to ensure availability.

hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 18

What types of bus do we provide to see you off from Hoi An to Dong Hoi?

  • Type of Car: Standard Bus

Information about Dong Hoi (Quang Binh)

About Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi is a city located in central Vietnam, in the Quang Binh province. Here are some key points about Dong Hoi:

  1. Geographical Location: Situated along the coastline of central Vietnam, Dong Hoi lies near the banks of the Nhat Le River and overlooks the South China Sea.
  2. Tourist Attractions: The city serves as a gateway to the stunning Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, home to some of the world’s largest caves, including Son Doong Cave. Visitors often use Dong Hoi as a base to explore these natural wonders, limestone karsts, and cave systems.
  3. Historical Significance: Dong Hoi has historical significance due to its role during the Vietnam War. The city suffered extensive damage during this time, but today it’s a bustling town with traces of its past still visible.
  4. Local Culture: The city boasts a mix of cultural influences, reflected in its cuisine, traditions, and festivals. The local seafood dishes are particularly popular among visitors.
  5. Transport Hub: Dong Hoi serves as a transportation hub, with train and bus connections to various destinations in Vietnam. The Dong Hoi Railway Station is an important stop along the North-South railway route.
  6. Beaches: There are beautiful beaches in and around Dong Hoi, offering opportunities for relaxation and water activities.
  7. Accommodation and Services: The city has a range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxury hotels, catering to different traveler preferences. Services such as restaurants, markets, and tour agencies are available to cater to tourists’ needs.
  8. Natural Beauty: Beyond the caves and national parks, Dong Hoi and its surroundings are characterized by scenic landscapes, including coastal views and rural countryside.

For tourists interested in adventure, nature, history, and local culture, Dong Hoi serves as an ideal destination or starting point to explore the diverse offerings of central Vietnam.

hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 19

What season is Dong Hoi tourism?

Dong Hoi, being part of central Vietnam, experiences distinct seasons that can affect tourism:

  1. Peak Season: Generally, the peak tourism season in Dong Hoi and its surrounding areas is during the drier months from February to August. This period, especially from March to August, sees a higher influx of tourists due to more predictable weather and suitable conditions for outdoor activities like cave exploration, beach visits, and trekking in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
  2. Rainy Season: The rainy season typically spans from September to January. During this time, heavy rainfall and occasional typhoons may occur, impacting travel plans and limiting outdoor activities. However, this season might also offer unique experiences, such as lush greenery and smaller crowds at tourist sites.
  3. Weather Consideration: Travelers often aim to avoid the peak of the rainy season, especially October to December, due to the higher likelihood of storms and less favorable weather for outdoor adventures.

Choosing the ideal time to visit Dong Hoi depends on individual preferences. Some prefer the peak season for its more stable weather and active tourism, while others might find the rainy season appealing for its quieter ambiance and lush landscapes. It’s advisable to check weather forecasts and consider personal interests when planning a trip to Dong Hoi.

Suggest some of the most attractive Dong Hoi tourist destinations

Dong Hoi and its surrounding areas offer a variety of captivating tourist destinations. Here are some of the most attractive ones:

  1. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is known for its stunning landscapes, limestone karsts, and extensive cave systems, including the world’s largest cave, Son Doong. Visitors can explore Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, and other marvels.
  2. Son Doong Cave: While challenging to access and requiring specialized tours, Son Doong Cave is an unparalleled natural wonder, known for its immense chambers, underground rivers, and unique formations.
  3. Phong Nha Cave: Accessible by boat, this cave features impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The boat ride along the Son River to reach the cave is also part of the experience.
  4. Nhat Le Beach: Offering a picturesque coastline, Nhat Le Beach provides opportunities for relaxation, swimming, and enjoying the seafront atmosphere.
  5. Dong Hoi Citadel: This historical site reflects Vietnam’s past, showcasing remnants of ancient walls and structures, and providing insights into the region’s history.
  6. Bao Ninh Beach: Another beautiful beach in the area, Bao Ninh Beach offers serene surroundings and a quieter atmosphere compared to more popular beaches.
  7. Thanh Toan Bridge: A historic covered bridge dating back to the 18th century, offering a glimpse into traditional Vietnamese architecture and rural life.
  8. Suot Mother-of-Pearl Village: Famous for producing intricate mother-of-pearl inlaid crafts, this village offers a chance to observe and purchase handmade items.
  9. Tien Son Cave: Accessible via a steep climb, this cave features impressive stalactites, stalagmites, and unique formations, offering an adventurous exploration experience.
  10. Local Markets and Cuisine: Exploring Dong Hoi’s local markets and sampling the region’s cuisine, especially seafood dishes, provides an authentic taste of Vietnamese culture.
hoi an to dong hoi by bus
Transfer from Hoi An to Dong Hoi Transfer by Bus 20

These destinations offer a mix of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural experiences, catering to various interests of travelers exploring Dong Hoi and its surroundings.

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How long does it take from our place in Hoi An to Dong Hoi?

raveling by bus from Hoi An to Dong Hoi usually takes around 6 to 8 hours, depending on factors like traffic, stops along the way, and the specific bus route. Some buses might have direct routes, while others could make stops at different towns or cities.

Does the bus stop on the road?

Our driver will stop for you to rest, eat, and use the toilet at many stations on the way from Hoi An to Dong Hoi

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