Best Bun Bo in Hoi An is a traditional food in Hoi An, famous in all 5 continents. In Hoi An, the beef noodle dish is enjoyed by the local people at all sessions.

Especially in Hoi An, we will recommend to diners of Hoi An the best vermicelli restaurant must definitely enjoy when coming to Hoi An.

The shop is only open from 15:30 to 22:00 daily, suitable for visitors to visit the old town, you can visit the noodle shop to enjoy

Each bowl of vermicelli here when serving is filled, hot with small noodles, medium-soft beef, broth is sweet and fragrant. When eating, diners will add a little fresh vegetables, a little salted onion, chili and satay to make the dish more flavorful and attractive.

The price here is very affordable, only from 25K to 40K, visitors can fully enjoy the bowl of vermicelli with beef, Bun Bo Co Thu has been sold for over 25 years, so the taste will be very special for many tourists in and highly appreciated abroad. The restaurant is located right along the streets of Thai Phien and Nguyen Truong To, you will easily find the restaurant in the center of Hoi An just a few minutes walk from the ancient town of Hoi An

Best Bun Bo in Hoi An

What is Hue beef noodle soup

Bun Bo is one of the specialties of Hue, although this noodle dish is popular in all three regions in Vietnam and also overseas Vietnamese. In Hue, this dish is simply called “bun bo” or more specifically “bun bo bo pork”. Other localities called “Hue beef vermicelli”, “Hue original beef noodle” to indicate the origin of this dish. The main ingredients of the dish are vermicelli, beef, pork rolls, and a distinctive red broth and lemongrass and sauces. The vermicelli bowl is sometimes added to undercooked beef, crab rolls, and other ingredients, depending on the cook’s preference [1]

In the broth of vermicelli, Hue people often add a little fish sauce, contributing to the unique flavor of Hue beef noodle pot. After the beef bone is cooked until cooked, people often add a little pork or crab cakes to the fineness. Beef can be sliced ​​thin, dipped in boiling broth before being placed in a bowl of vermicelli (called raw beef). People often add a little chili powder and spices to the bowl of vermicelli and eat with raw vegetables including bean sprouts, herbs, lettuce, baby vegetables, chopped banana corn.

Best Bun Bo in Hoi An
Best Bun Bo in Hoi An

Why choose Co Thu beef noodle shop to enjoy in the evening in Hoi An?

Co Thu’s best bun bo in Hoi An has spent more than 25 years selling beef noodle soup in Hoi An, praised by many diners for its delicious taste, often crowded around 6pm every day. The flavor of the vermicelli tasted by Ms. Thu is very strong, the bone broth is stewed with beef bones and pork gives a very special broth that is not available anywhere. The thin, thin vermicelli fiber creates a special and premium bowl of beef noodle soup
Although the shop is on the sidewalk but very hygienic, the restaurant has been granted a food safety certificate from the city. So you can rest assured to enjoy it

  • She is very enthusiastic and happy whenever she offers vermicelli for customers, if it is a distant tourist. She also advised the delicious specialties of Hoi An.
    Location of vermicelli shop in the center of Hoi An, only 10 minutes walk from the old town, if you ride a motorbike, it only takes about 5 minutes.
    The price is affordable, very affordable for local people or those who travel to Hoi An, because the restaurant is small but is very crowded, you may have to wait but not long. Why can’t you wait 5 minutes to enjoy the best beef noodle soup in Hoi An 🙂

What time is the beef noodle shop open?

Co Thu Hoi An beef noodle shop is only sold in the afternoon to the evening from 15:30 to 22:30, where to eat bun bo hue in Hoi An suitable for customers when visiting and shopping in the old town of Hoi An who are hungry and tired. I’m sure you will recover quickly from eating the best bowl of Hoi An beef noodle soup. Hoi An nightclub is very rarely open, so you should take advantage of the above time slot to go to the noodle shop to enjoy.

Information of Co Thu beef noodle shop:
Address: Corner of Thai Phien Street – directions
Phone: 0858 640 670

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