Ba Na Hills is a top-class, top-class tourist area in Vietnam with a lot of interesting places to play, eat, and check-in. In order not to miss interesting experiences, refer to Anh Khoa who will give visitors an overview to explore Ba Na by motorbike from Hoi An.

Ba Na Hills is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, located about 45 kilometers west of Danang city. It’s known for its beautiful scenery, French architecture, and unique attractions like the Golden Bridge and Fantasy Park.

  1. Start your day early and Motorbike rental Hoi An in Anh Khoa Shop. Make sure to wear a helmet and follow traffic laws while driving.
  2. Drive on Hai Ba Trung Street towards Danang city. This scenic coastal road takes you through fishing villages, rice paddies, and stunning beaches.
  3. Continue on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street until you reach the intersection with Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left onto Vo Nguyen Giap Street.
  4. Follow Vo Nguyen Giap Street until you reach the roundabout with the Dragon Bridge. Take the second exit onto Bach Dang Street.
  5. Continue on Bach Dang Street until you reach the intersection with the Han River Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right onto Nguyen Van Linh Street.
  6. Follow Nguyen Van Linh Street until you reach the entrance to Ba Na Hills. The road is steep and winding, so be prepared for a challenging ride.
  7. Once you arrive at the entrance, park your motorbike at the designated parking area and purchase your tickets. You can choose to take the cable car or hike up to the summit.
  8. Spend the day exploring the attractions at Ba Na Hills, such as the Golden Bridge, the French Village, and the Fantasy Park. Make sure to take in the stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
  9. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants in the French Village, or try some local snacks at the food stalls.
  10. After a full day of sightseeing, drive back to Hoi An in the late afternoon. It’s best to drive back before it gets dark as the road can be challenging at night.

Note: The total driving time from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills is about 1 hour and 45 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions. Make sure to bring plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and carry a map or GPS device to help you navigate.

Here’s a sample itinerary for going to Ba Na Hills by motorbike from Hoi An

Here’s a detailed itinerary for experiencing Ba Na Hills by motorbike from Hoi An:

8:00 AMMotorbike Rental Hoi An: Start your day early by renting a motorbike from a Anh Khoa Hoi An. Make sure to wear a helmet and carry your driving license.

hoi an motorbike
Experience Going to Ba Na Hills by Motorbike from Hoi An 13

8:30 AM – Plan your route: Plan your route to Ba Na Hills and check the weather forecast. The ride to the resort takes around 1.5 hours, and the route is scenic, with beautiful views of rice paddies and local houses.

10:00 AM – Arrive at Ba Na Hills: Park your motorbike at the entrance of the resort and start exploring. You can take a cable car ride to the top of the mountain and enjoy the panoramic views of Da Nang and the surrounding areas.

11:00 AM – Visit the Golden Bridge: The Golden Bridge is a must-see attraction in Ba Na Hills. This beautiful pedestrian bridge is held up by two giant stone hands and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

12:00 PM – Try local food: After exploring the resort, head to one of the local restaurants in Ba Na Hills to try some of the delicious local dishes. You can try grilled squid, shrimp or other seafood dishes, as well as some of the local beers.

1:00 PM – Explore the French-style architecture: Ba Na Hills is known for its beautiful French-style architecture. You can explore the buildings and take pictures of the stunning designs.

2:00 PM – Relax and unwind: After your meal, take some time to relax and unwind in the peaceful surroundings of Ba Na Hills. You can sit in one of the cafes or enjoy a foot massage at one of the spas in the resort.

3:00 PM – Head back to Hoi An: When you’re ready to leave, hop back on your motorbike and ride back to Hoi An. Make sure to return the motorbike to the rental shop before the designated time to avoid any additional charges.

This itinerary will allow you to explore Ba Na Hills at a relaxed pace and experience the beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. Just remember to ride safely and follow the traffic rules.

ba na hills
Experience Motorbike from Hoi An

When is the right time to go to Ba Na Hills?

With a fairy landscape like the way to the fairy scene, visitors can visit the resort at any season of the year, but you should pay attention to refer to these months for the best experience.

Time from April to October: This is the summer time of the year. Coming to Ba Na at this time, you will enjoy the 4-season climate in 1 unique day, watching the most complete scenery of Ba Na Hills without fear of fog covering your eyes. From October onwards, the weather changes to the rainy season which will prevent visitors from enjoying all the experiences in this place.

ba na hills
Couple taking wedding photos at Ba Na Hills

Update Ba Na Hills weather 24/24


Ba Na Hill ticket price

The latest update of Ba Na ticket prices 2021 for visitors to refer to is as follows:

Fares for out-of-province visitors:

  • Adults: 800K
  • Children (1m-1.4m): 650K

Ticket price for Da Nang guests:

  • Adult: 500K
  • Children (1m-1.4m): 400K


  • Children under 1m tall are free
  • People in Da Nang city when buying tickets need to present their ID/birth certificate to receive the discount.
ba na hills
Have fun and explore at Ba Na hill

What does Ba Na Hill ticket include?:

  • Entrance ticket to the resort, Ba Na cable car ticket, free most games at Fantasy Park, mountain train
  • Visit Le Jardin D’Amour’ flower garden, Debay wine cellar, Golden Bridge, French Village, Spiritual area.
  • Price includes 10% VAT (value added tax)

What does Ba Na Hill ticket not include?

  • Food service in Ba Na Hills
  • Entrance fee to the Wax Museum (100,000 VND/adult and children over 1.4m)
  • Winning games at Fantasy Park

You can buy tickets at our company via Hotline: 0935 439 306 (Whatsapp)

ba na hills
World-class cable car is available at Ba Na hills

Map of Ba Na Hills area

Ba Na tourist area is located on a large area with four main areas:

  • The area at the foot of the mountain includes: Food – Shopping Area, Ticket Counter, Hoi An Restaurant, Suoi Mo Station, Suoi Mo.
  • Ba Na station area: Linh Ung Pagoda, Tinh Tam Garden, Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Doumer coffee restaurant, Bar Debay – Wine cellar.
  • Linh Ung Pagoda: This is a sacred religious tourist site in Ba Na, one of the three Linh Ung Pagodas in Da Nang.
  • Tinh Tam Garden: A garden with beautiful natural scenery for visitors to freely mingle with nature and bring a sense of peace and freedom.
  • Shakyamuni Buddha Statue: This is the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia with a height of 33m and a width of 14m.
  • Bar Debay – Wine Cellar: The nearly 100-year-old cellar stores many famous wines of France and the world.
  • Morin Station Area: This is a dining and resort area in Ba Na including:
  • Morin Hotel: A 4-star hotel chain with a classic European architectural design.
  • Fantasy Park: There are hundreds of interesting games.
  • French Village: The work has ancient architecture with ancient castles, restaurants… sketching a miniature Paris in the heart of Da Nang.
  • Ba Na Hill Peak area:
  • Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple
  • Bell tower
  • The Universe of Teahouses
ba na hills map
Map of Ba Na Hills tourist area

Experience go to Ba Na Hills by motorbike

How far is it from Hoi An to Ba Na Hills? If you ride a motorbike from Hoi An to Ba Na Hill tourist area, it takes about 38km.

What to prepare to ride the way to Ba Na Hills by motorbike?

  • Sunshine jacket
  • Raincoat
  • Face mask
  • The motorbike is full of gas, because it is difficult to find a gas station on the way up the mountain, so you should be careful to fill the car with gasoline first when in Hoi An
  • Some snacks to eat along the way such as cakes, Hoi An bread or buckets
ba na hills
Golden Bridge – this is a symbolic bridge of Ba Na Hills

Where is the best place to rent a motorbike in Hoi An to go to Ba Na Hill?

We encourage you to rent a motorbike in Hoi An at Anh Khoa Hoi An company, where there are hundreds of new motorbikes waiting for you to rent motorbikes. There are a variety of digital cars and scooters here such as: AB, Vision, and new Wave.

You will be given 1 liter of free gasoline, 2 helmets and support for incidents on the road. So you can rest assured to rent a motorbike in Hoi An here for the best support

What is the price of motorbike rental in Hoi An?

  • Semi-automatic: 120,000 VND / day (24 hours)
  • Scooter: 150,000 VND / day (24 hours)

If you are afraid to ride a motorbike, you can rent a self-driving car in Hoi An or a cheap Hoi An Da Nang taxi service. This is also the service that Anh Khoa – Hoi An company provides to tourists.

In order to have the most optimal cost of going to Ba Na Hills, renting a motorbike is the solution that needs to be considered and noted.

Experience riding Ba Na Hill cable car

ba na hills
Extremely unique architectures, only available at Ba Na hills

Cable car is the only means to move from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ba Na Hill. When taking the cable car, visitors note:

  • Hold tickets: Ba Na Hills ticket includes a 2-way cable car ticket. Therefore, visitors need to keep the ticket to use for the return trip.
  • Comply with the regulations in the cabin: This is to protect absolute safety as well as provide the best experience for visitors.
  • Do not bring food into the cabin: From October 1, 2018, Sun World Ba Na Hills officially applies the rule “Do not bring food and drink to Ba Na” to protect the environment. You need to pay attention to have the most reasonable eating plan.

See Ba Na Hill at night

Normally, most tourists choose to go to Ba Na Hills during the day because the price of overnight accommodation on Ba Na is quite high: from 1-3 million VND. However, if you have financial and time conditions, you should stay at Ba Na Hills at night to enjoy the difference of romantic atmosphere and bustling night party in Ba Na.

What to eat at Ba Na Hill?

Coming to Ba Na, visitors have 2 options for dining, which is buffet and dining at restaurants with a la carte menus.

Buffet on Ba Na

Buffet Ba Na Hills is highly appreciated by visitors thanks to its diverse menu with more than 70 attractive Asian and European dishes. The buffet price ranges from 180,000 VND – 300,000 VND/adult. Children from 1m-1.4m tall are charged 50%, children under 1m tall are free of charge.

Famous buffet restaurants on Ba Na such as Lavande, Arapang, Morin, Beer Plaza, Hoa Lan, etc. Choosing to eat buffet will help visitors discover many different attractive dishes without worrying about the price. This is also the ideal choice for large groups of guests with many different dining preferences.

ba na hills
Renaissance architecture recreated in Ba Na Hill

A la carte menu (A La care)

If you have time, this is the ideal dining option for couples, small families… You will order based on the restaurant’s available menu depending on the number of people eating. Food costs will be calculated based on the price of the food you order.

With this dining option, you will not have to move, but the staff will bring the food to the table, the dishes are also processed right when you order, so they keep the best taste. However, this way of eating is also quite expensive, you should consult the price of the dish before ordering.

Some famous restaurants: Caucasus Baku Restaurant, Brasserie Restaurant, Fast food in Fantasy Park (B1 FEC)…

What to do in Ba Na Hills?

Recreational activities in Ba Na Hills include:

  • Climbing Train: This is the first climbing train in Vietnam, taking visitors to explore Linh Ung Pagoda, D’Amour flower garden, Debay ancient wine cellar.
  • Wax Museum: The first wax statue display area in Vietnam with many statues of famous characters. Each piece is technically exquisitely executed by Italian artisans.
  • Fleuriste Flower Shop: There are countless unique flower patterns from around the world and from Da Lat that are gathered here. The flower shop is like a clear picture in the sweet scene of the French Village, a must-see destination for lovers and lovers of beauty.
  • Fantasy Park: An attractive game park with more than 100 games inspired by two famous novels “Journey to the center of the Earth” and “Twenty thousand miles under the sea”
  • Tube Sled: This is a special game for speed enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. The tube slide is designed with 2 double spirals, visitors will control the sled through a challenging spiral to the finish line.

Staying at Ba Na Hill

ba na hills
The weather here is very cold, you should bring a jacket

When coming to Ba Na, visitors will have the opportunity to experience attractive resort activities:

  • Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village: A 4-star hotel system managed by Accor Hotel Group. The hotel has nearly 500 rooms designed in the style of ancient French architecture. The hotel has full facilities such as indoor swimming pool, spa area, shops,…
  • Anpaz Spa & Beauty: Guests will be completely relaxed with acupressure methods, herbal soaks, essential oils,…

Beautiful places to check-in, take photos

With beautiful natural scenery and impressive constructions, Ba Na Hills has countless beautiful places for visitors to check in for “stunner” photos such as: French Village, Golden Bridge, Le Jardin D’ Flower Garden Amour…

  • French Village: The French Village consists of 7 areas corresponding to 7 musical notes in the colorful, dreamy music. Therefore, this place is always an ideal destination for tourists who are passionate about discovering ancient European architecture and enjoying the best services.
  • Golden Bridge: The bridge is located at an altitude of nearly 1500m above sea level. The Golden Bridge is impressively designed with the image of a hand supporting the bridge in the sky. The bridge is located at Thien Thai garden and helps visitors move more conveniently from the foot of the mountain to Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden.
  • Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden: 9 flower gardens with different themes, stories and styles create a romantic space for visitors to take impressive photos.

Festivals in Ba Na Hills

ba na hills
Ba Na Hills has a very large Buddha statue

The unique attraction on Ba Na Hills are the festivals held all year round. Always innovating and creating in products and services, and festivals that are invested on a “majestic” scale, festivals in Ba Na always make visitors go from one surprise to another, “have fun and forget the way.” about”.

  • Flower Festival: Flower festival is held in spring when hundreds of flowers bloom. The festival takes place in February-March every year. During this time, Ba Na is filled with colorful flowers.
  • Carnival: The festival is held in the square of the French village with dancers from all over the world. The festival takes place from April to September.
  • Wine Festival: Visitors will discover in detail how wine is made and enjoy a variety of delicious wines. The festival takes place in May in the French village.
  • B’estival Beer Festival: This is considered the largest beer festival in Vietnam with activities such as free beer drinking, sword fighting, etc. The festival takes place from 6 to 9 September at Du Dome square and Beer Plaza
  • Halloween Festival: The masquerade festival is expected by many visitors when immersing in the typical magical atmosphere. The festival takes place in October.
  • Winter Festival: This is the last festival of the year that takes place around Christmas. Visitors will be immersed in the splendid space.

Refer to the schedule to visit Ba Na Hills in 1 day

Visitors exploring Ba Na Hills can refer to the following sightseeing experiences to have the most interesting experiences in Ba Na:

You should be at Ba Na at 8 am, stay here from 8 am to about 5 pm to have time to visit and experience all around Ba Na.

Time Schedule Notes
8h – 8h30: Move to Hoi An station by cable car The queue time is quite long, so you should buy tickets online in advance so that you can just go straight to the station
8:30-8:45: Take the cable car to Marseille Station
9am – 9:45am: Visit and take photos at the Golden Bridge
9:45-10:20: Visit and take photos at Le Jardin flower garden
10:25 -10:50: Get on the mountain train to D’Amour Station, visit the flower garden, wine cellar, Linh Ung Pagoda Time to take the mountain train is 1 minute 30 seconds
11h – 11h10: Be at Debay – Morin Station to move to the French Village
11h25 – 13h: Visit French Village, have lunch at restaurants here.
13:00 – 16:00: Join the games at Fantasy amusement park, Wax museum… The Wax Museum collects tickets for people over 1.4m tall at 100,000 VND/ticket.
16h-16h15: Move to L’indochine Station, take the cable car to Toc Tien Waterfall Station to finish the journey.

ba na hills
Experience 1 day in the clouds – an interesting destination

Notes when going to Ba Na Hills

To have a perfect trip to visit Ba Na Hills, visitors should note:

  • Cable car tickets to Ba Na can only be used during the day. Visitors ordering online should ensure the time to use the ticket.
  • Visitors should strictly follow the policy of not bringing food and drinks to Ba Na, do not try to “evade the law”.
  • Consciously protect the environment and natural landscape, do not litter indiscriminately.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen, hats and allergy medicine.


All the above are the experiences for traveling to Ba Na Hills by motorbike that Anh Khoa summarizes, this is also considered a guide for you to refer to to plan your trip more perfectly. .

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